ASUS Philippines Launch Stylish and Powerful ZenPad Line

Sunday, August 09, 2015

Some real good news came to us last week as ASUS launched the availability of their new ZenPad line. These are three different tablets with models ZenPad C 7, ZenPad 7 and the ZenPad S 8. All these gorgeous tablets come in different price points and of course, are also in different specifications.

The call that evening, is to have your device as something "not just to let you just stay connected or perform specific tasks". It's going to be a bit more about having fashion, style and technology mold together and have it when you want to because ultimately, it should be Luxury on Your Terms.

On the performance department, Gabriel Padit says this is the world's first tablet that has a 4GB RAM. If you saw how this works on the ASUS ZenFone, imagine the possibilities it could do with a tablet. Imagine your current gaming habits and how it would go head to head with other tablets that are being used now in the market. They even went ballistic and compared it with the graphics of the latest iPad, well we could tell how it fared as it got thrown out of the water. ASUS devices are using proprietary VisualMaster and PixelMaster technologies that promises real life like graphics on their devices.

That's the gorgeous Stephanie Retuya on the right, I love her with that white ASUS Zenpad 8.0 and ZenClutch!

Hey look! It's Manhunt International 2012 and Fashion Asia 2014 top male model of the year June Macasaet!

The ZenPad line looked so good if carried around like a clutch. It can definitely match the colors and the styles you put in on your outfits. Aside from that, George Su also announced a couple of things that would make your tablets ultra personalized.

 Just look at those gorgeous ZenCases, you can have them changed to what you prefer, the color of your outfit buy just changing the back covers. If you're into a sassy lifestyle, you can opt fot the ZenClutch which is a type of foldable case that can make your tablet into a fashion accessory. If you're like me who use tablets for photos and videos, you can opt for the PowerCase and add about half a day's worth or more o battery life to your ZenPad device. If you're into music and parties, then you can go for the imressive AudioCover which is a multi speaker system and 5.1 DTS surround sound.

For the price points, the ZenPad S 8 is priced at Php 16,995, while the ZenPad 7 is at Php 7,995 and the ZenPad C 7 is so affordable at Php 5,995. You've got these affordable yet powerful devices now in the Philippines and all you got to do now is go to your favorite gadget shops that sell ASUS devices and reserve one. It looks good, it feel right, and the power inside and out is unmatched.

It's also the perfect companion now that I'm traveling too. I took it to Coron in Palawan last week and after suiting it up, installing all the essentials, I think this is the perfect companion to do my daily blogging activities. A glass of wine, cheese, my camera, and shades, plus this ZenPad looks so fine by me. I think that, is luxury on my terms.


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