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Tuesday, August 11, 2015

We're in one of Erwan Heussaff's popular hangout's in Makati called The Red Light located at Felipe Street in the city's red light district. Erwan is a very well known businessman and blogger and authors the food, health and fitness blog callef The Fat Kid Inside. 

We're paying homage today to one of Philips most advanced kitchen appliances and solutions, the Philips Air Fryer and Erwan showed us how to prepare healthy and delicious food at almost 80% less use of oil, which also means you get the same quality meal without compromising flavor.

Philips describes Erwan as Young Urban Pinoy and he's the perfect guy to represent Philips who can fit the lifestyle of today's young professionals. If you don't have a gas range, this would fit perfectly in your home because it's simple, and works so beautifully. It also cooks 1/3 less the time and Philips has Food Processors, Slow Juicers, Induction Cooker, Pressure Cooler and other things that could make your lives better at home.

He then prepared us dinner, a really good one at that.

Burratta and Greens - Creamy Burratta Cheese in a pocket on top of a crunchy crouton and some crisp white greens on top. This was an awesome appetizer.

Cold Corn Chowder with Shrimp cooked ala plantsa. The contrast between hot and cold plus the real corn, delish! Those greens on the side are actually from Bukidnon which Erwan says is something that he does, source local ingredients and get connected with farmers.

Chorizo, Romesco Sauce, Grilled Fishcakes, Toasted Quinoa - This is filling, but still light. I like it a lot. The Fishcake is made from Lapulapu, Shrimp and Tuna. He also used the Philips Air Fryer to cook it!

Now this was supposed to be Hanger Steak but I think he used Rib Eye instead. I love it a little rare so when he did this I was a little ecstatic! The puree is made of roasted pumpkin, potatoes and roasted peppers. The salsa verde made it taste fresh even if it's just a hint of it. Really good!

This is Banana and Guyabano Flambe with Coconut cream and caramel sauce. It's my first time seeing Guyabano be used in cooking so I was a bit weirded out, but it was really good. I'll definitely try this soon!

There are more things that you can do with Philips Home Appliances and this is just the beginning. Their flagship hero product is the Philips Air Fryer and it is leading in sales in the Philippines. They have made sure their research and development of these appliances don't go to waste by making sure the Filipino kitchen be filled with devices that would make life easy. 

Erwan is planning to put up more restaurants soon, he's got 7 in total. He works out almost everyday, eats healthy but doesn't deprive himself of the good stuff. He even told us he's okay with lard, that's flavor so you can tell.

Thank you so much to Philips, thank you also Erwan for gamingly answering our questions that evening. We had fun!


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