Richard Gomez, Dawn Zulueta and Bea Alonzo for The Love Affair

Saturday, August 08, 2015

The Love Affair doodled by the Star Cinema digital team

We were at The Love Affair blog conference a few days ago to meet Richard Gomez, Ms. Dawn Zulueta and Ms. Bea Alonzo. I know, they're really big stars, and seeing them on the big screen is very close to impossible because they've all got their careers going on. Much of you are probably like me, big fans of the Richard and Dawn pairing. Even though they didn't end up together, they've got really good family lives and a blooming friendship. Bea Alonzo looked so gorgeous that afternoon.... and one look at her just makes you feel life is unfair, like when it rained gorgeousness all over the world, she must have had her umbrella broken. Anyway, I was trying not to become a fan and feel particularly small amongst these great actors. We asked them right away about this project and what they think about their characters disposition; about love and relationships. Here's what they have to say!

Ms. Dawn Zulueta says "How can you forget the love? You also remember how much you've forget. I don't remember but we've been comfortable ever since. I learned how important it is to show appreciation to your partner. It's been years, you work on it and show appreciation, if your partner doesn't see that, you'll have cracks. In forgiving, I need to see proof. I need to forgive but it's not cheap, I need to really see that person is ready and capable to receive that, you also have to return the trust and that part is hard."  

Richard gets in and says this after being asked about him working with Ms. Dawn Zulueta after so long "After splitting up, we had a project like a soap, we've been comfortable with sensitive scenes and we've remained good friends and find ourselves in the same circle. Yes, we did get hurt but we started greeting each other, touching her a few times and we're good now. Love is very powerful, I learned that in this movie. There are a lot of scenes that I dubbed and felt some of it happened to me. I get really affected... and I sometimes cried while doing it. 

I can forgive, I can do that, what's important is the process, you need to do it otherwise you'll carry the pain for years and it would be difficult for you to move on. If you can't forgive, you just have to forget."

"It's your responsibility to be happy for yourself, you're not gonna get that from others. Watch out for my scene with Al Tantay because I don't do that in real life, sharing your life with your parents is hard, and I tried to do that with my Mom. I learned that it's possible. I have a hard time saying sorry if I don't mean it, especially with friends but thank God that hasn't happened yet. I don't know, because it's not easy." says beautiful Bea Alonzo. It was in this part where I felt she was talking to me, I know... I know... I can relate and that's why this movie is worth watching this coming week.

I almost fainted when she looked at me! LOL

Direk on this bit says he was the other woman of Richard Gomez! They were absolutely funny during the blogcon!

There were some instances where Bea was teasing Richard about Dawn, she also says she's a fan too!

"To see the world from his eyes, I have people to talk to, I didn't invent the feelings and it's all real. Towards the end, we had to talk about what to do that would show Bea talking to different people, eventually it's the father and we had to find out what they'll say at that particular time." says writer Vanessa Valdez. 

"It's a process, the rushes completely tell a different story and the emotions, they give it and make the scene work. You tweak it a little and you'll get to watch that in the film." Direk Noel says as he promises this when you see it on theaters August 12, 2015.

This film has so many issues that you, your friends or family can relate to because they've written and executed it with realness in mind. The conversations are also said in a manner where ordinary people like you and me would understand easily, much like in the real world. There hasn't been that much talk of women going the other way in cinema and this is definitely a fresh take on that. Vince, Patricia and Adie will take you to a place where not much people talk about, or do most of the time. If you were in the shoes of Vince, would you forgive and give another chance? Or would you pick up the pieces of your broken self with someone else? That's the question they want to answer when this goes on theaters this August 12 in cinemas nationwide! Oh and they told me that the trailer doesn't say much of the story, they have different angles why this situation came about and if you want to know why, you've got to watch it they say!


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