Shakey's Conquers the Guinness World Records On Their 40th Year

Saturday, August 29, 2015

It felt impossible, but lookie here! 

It looks like Shakey's has just conquered Guinness World Records as they become part of beating the record of eating a 12 inch pizza in the fastest amount of time! This record was held previously by a Canadian competitive eater named Peter Czerwinski or Furious Pete as they call him. With a simple  call by Shakey's, one of their loyal guests Kevin Medina stepped up the plate and said he'll accept the challenge with the help of The History Channel and Guinness World Records.

This means that Kevin Medina should consume a 12 inch cheese flavored thin crust pizza in less than the 41.31 seconds which was set by Furious Pete. I bet I can do that too but it looks like Kevin Medina is better at it because at the time he did this, he clocked so confidently we couldn't believe it!

After a few elimination rounds, he was able to do it in just 23.62 seconds. He has now officially made Shakey's and the Filipino people proud of this feat! 

Congratulations Kevin! I can't wait to challenge you soon!


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