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Sunday, August 09, 2015

It's been a while since I've been out of town. I'm no travel blogger but I do go out every once in a while. I've always wanted to walk uncharted territories, but I had a self-rule to only go to places that I've never been to. I feel that it's because that's exactly how you discover how great a place is. So just like most of you, we've been looking for that perfect airline sale to happen online to get a ticket. Aside from that, have a dreamy, gorgeous place to spend this vacation that I feel I so deserve after being in the workforce for so long. This time, we're going to the blessed island of Coron in Palawan.

Image of the island of Coron from Google Maps (cto)

Coron is found in the northern most tip of the island of Palawan. It takes around 45-50 minutes to get there by plane, or perhaps earlier depending on the type of aircraft you use. You should get the flight to Busuanga which is the island's only airport. It's a little dated but it gets the job done, everything's manual there, but you'll feel the island life as soon as you set foot in Palawan. It's my first time here, and it was nice to see my Internet was working so fast with Smart!

Since I want everything to be smooth, we chose Club Paradise as our home in Palawan. Once you go out of the airport, you'll see vans outside which I think the only means of transportation in this part of the world. Club Paradise though has their own fleet which made it convenient to transfer to our hotel.

Here's a short video of our arrival in the island!

Our guide explained everything before we left the airport. He said it would take us around 30 minutes to get to the port where our boat was waiting. You'll see kilometers of ranch lands before that since the government grows high grade cows here from New Zealand, that's done for meat, milk and farming purposes. It was serene and scenic after that, there were tons of Mangrove trees (locally known as bakawan) on both sides of the river. It's basically where the river meets the sea. You'll see local fishermen every now and then because some of them culture crabs on the mud so they could fatten them up and sell for a profit. Along the way, there's also a small fishing village where you can see locals live, some expats too who chose to live a simple life.

After a short boat ride, we arrived at Club Paradise. They had a huge welcome prepared for us complete with drinks, cold towels and an island vibed song. Yes, Club Paradise is situated in an island called Dimakya. It's like a secluded island paradise prepared just for me LOL. 

We were then escorted to our rooms, but I couldn't help but marvel at the turquoise colored waters and white sand beach along the way. I already want to swim even before we even get to our place. Which comes to our next part!

Our Home on the Island

The island life wouldn't be complete without a beach front villa. It's got native walls, wooden floors, perfectly situated in the picturesque beach of Club Paradise. It felt like we were the only ones living there because everybody else was lounging inside the rooms or busy frolicking out in the sun doing activities which I planned to do the next day. As for now, I'd rather stay in my room and relax, read a book, do Facebook and have my friends grow envy each time I hit post on Instagram haha!

Our bed was dreamy, complete with the nice towel art on top of it. I saved it on the side and complemented our female butler Elaine about it. The next day, she made a whole enchilada and zoo complete with Monkey hanging on our bathroom. That was hilarious!

We got complementary fruits in season. I loved the mangoes there, I ate around 2 kgs each meal so don't judge! I also love the roasted almonds, cookies and cashew nuts which they grow locally in the province.

They also pampered us the minute we arrived with a foot wash and scrub with fruit based creams. Thanks to Elaine for that!

This is my personal favorite in the whole villa, my own place to bum around. I was in this hammock for hours with an ice cold coke can and ebook in hand. It was one of the most pleasurable things I did during the trip.

This place can probably fit 4 people, it has got a huge closet and bathroom. I saw families on the other villas so if you're thinking of a place to visit on your next trip, Club Paradise is perfect for that!

Ours was quite lavish since we've got a full board accommodation, so we headed on to our first meal, that's lunch at Ocean Restaurant.

Lunch at Ocean Restaurant

Aside from the picturesque view of the beach and the nearby islands, treating yourself to good food while on a vacation is a must. So together with our villa, you can opt for the full board option so you can get buffet during lunch and dinner. You can opt for a la carte if you're not much of a foodie though but I highly suggest you splurge if you think you've been deprived of a vacation. They've got some well trained Chef's preparing food for you. They do different cuisine every meal so you won't get bored of the same food when you're here. Plus, they've got seasonal fruits available so when I saw mango slices on the plates, I hoarded them and asked to replenish thrice! I had those sweet golden mangoes for dessert!

From rice meals, soups, salads, meat, mouthwatering steamed fish, carrot cakes, rice cakes and fruits, it was just so good to miss. This is just lunch and I couldn't wait to get my hands on dinner and breakfast tomorrow. The place is also made of natural wood, walls called sawali, and it's native interiors designed to take the beach breeze in on all its sides. The service, is just impeccable. Thank you to the kind people who remembered our preferences in dining. I asked for a drink specifically on Day 1 and they got me the same every time I was there. It's personal for them, and I really appreciate that they take absolute care of us individually.

In the evening, I plan to go to that other place on the left side which houses the Dugong Bar, Shack Bar and Sand Bar which has got the island's best drinks and cocktails. Also, they've got the billiard and table tennis facilities which you can use for free. The entertainment room on the right can also be reserved if you want to get your Karaoke powers in check with family and friends. I'll also be getting my snorkling and swimming gear in the Aquasport center for tomorrow's adventure. We also did night swimming on that pool in front, doesn't that sound like a perfect plan? I can't wait to tell you about the places we went to during our Coron tour arranged by Calamianes Expeditions for the next day. You can check out their services at http://www.corongaleri.com.ph or book them through the good people of Club Paradise like what we did so it won't be any hassle. 

Now since I've been posting this on Instagram and on Facebook, a lot of people are asking me about the rates. The thing is, it depends on the date. They've got peak and off peak seasons, they've got special rates also in travel expo's so please ask them through email cp.reservations@discovery.com.ph (and say you read it here haha) or visit their website http://www.clubparadisepalawan.com. They'll gladly give you their rates for the Beachfront Cottage, Sea View Room, Garden Suite, Garden View Room on the date you're planning to stay there. You can follow them on Twitter @_ClubParadise and on Instagram @clubparadisepalawan or visit their Facebook page at http://www.facebook.com/clubparadisepalawan. Of course, our journey is just starting. I'll tell you about our adventures on the next post! Stay tuned for that!


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