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Thursday, August 20, 2015

We're now in Ascott BGC for the press conference of ELICA, Bayer Philippines' product that deals with Eczema. It was also a fun morning because we were there with their endorsers Team Kramer. I'm so in love with their kids!

Elica is the most prescribed solution for Eczema and if you're still oblivious about the condition, it's when skin becomes rough, inflamed and bleeding. It's not a joke and I've seen some of the worst cases in hospitals and clinics. Sometimes pinoys tend to brush it off and think they can take care of it and only consider going to the doctor when it's already so miserable that it would be hard to heal. 

Mometasone Furoate Elica is a topical cream that you can use to heal swelling, itching and redness caused by Eczema. It is a moderately strengthed steroid designed to boost your metabolism to help in the healing process. If you get irritation just like any other brand, you still must consult your doctor.

This is also used to treat psoriasis, so you can tell this is the more potent kind of medication. According to Cheska Kramer "I really got worried when Scarlet got Eczema, but we used Elica on her skin and almost all the problems went away after 24 hours of using the cream. Scarlet wants to sit beside teddy bears and it is a little hot and sometimes Eczema is caused by perspiration. The first time we used this with Kendra, I noticed they all had sensitive skin but Scarlet was the most affected and had red itchy patches back then. She gets it easily, it made her very irritable and she scratches it, cry afterwards. You want your children to only have the best and take care of them. We are very careful with our daughters, we don't want them to blame mommy later on if we didn't take care of their skin. In a few minutes, it's not as itchy, not as red, and I'm so glad it doesn't happen in their face but my pedia recommended this the first time we visited them. Despite the fact that she's shy, she's very happy now and they still sleep beside us and we don't hesitate flooding them with kisses and put them in bed. It doesn't matter what voice they hear now, but I sing them to sleep and they stay loved everyday!"

Mothers should always know what to do when they need to take care of their children's skin and you'll be glad that eczema is treatable. Ask your doctor about Elica.

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