The Importance of Men's Grooming Down There: ToppCock Silver

Friday, August 28, 2015

Filipino men do not realize how much of a big deal hygiene is. There are millions of us living in the Philippines but there are no products specifically to cater to our needs. Well, people have attempted to do that locally but end up only making more female formulated merchandise that does not work for those who really need it, men. It's a little appalling, depressing and shocking why grooming isn't a priority and men might think it's a little taboo to use products like it. I mean why? Don't we deserve to take care of our own thingy?

If you haven't heard, there's ToppCock Silver now in leading drug stores and Mercury Drug branches nationwide. It's an old world solution made with new science so you can make those oh so precious man parts as clean as a whisk. People have used silver for a long time to kill microbes, help treat burns, combat germs, fight bacteria that have even grown resistant to antibiotics. It's anti bacterial and anti fungal properties are completely safe, good and all natural making it the best nano particle odor neutralizer available in the market.

Don't you think ladies actually talk about it in powder rooms or small chats with their friends when you have a problem down there? Exactly. We need to solve that, we need to make sure your name doesn't end up in that conversation... or anybody elses mouth for that matter. It's important to take care of the little guy especially if you're active. We don't want our partners to get turned off when they're already excited right?

Now I'm not the type who just endorses anything without even trying it out myself. So I've been using it for a couple of days now to see how it actually fares. ToppCock comes in 90ML small bottles and this one I used which are 10 ml sachets. It's almost the same size as your ordinary deodorant bottle so it's convenient to carry around in gym bags when you need to. Or if you're going to travel, this would fit snug in your man kits. It's also easy to use because you just need to take a shower, dry and apply. You don't need a lot either and just use enough to cover the area, you don't need to perform a rain dance or any mumbo jumbo for it to take effect because it protects you the moment you put it on. I can tell it even smells like a softer version of Hugo Boss shower gels which I often use. That other one costs an arm and a leg and this one is way affordable, a factor that you may think about when using this on a regular basis. Now, you have no excuse.

If you're also keen on checking out other things from their line, you can try their HYDROMAX shampoo and conditioner that not only cleans and prevents dandruff, but it is designed and formulated for men plus makes your hair moisturized. It smells so good too because they use lemon and sage so you feel and smell so fresh after a great shower. Now you can indulge on those long showers and baths before you go to work. Take a sachet of ToppCock Odor Neutralizer while you're at it and use it after your beast-mode sessions in the gym, or before sexy time. I'm sure your girlfriends will thank you for it, but really don't take my word for it and try getting one in your nearest Mercury Drug store as soon as you finish reading this. Be proper, be proud.


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