How To Make It Big in "Just Roll It"

Monday, August 31, 2015

If you haven't been playing yet, then you're missing a lot! If you've been winning quite a number of times in this game, what do you think is the secret? Is this calculated? Is this luck? What certain rules can you follow in order to have a successful run? We've played the game and think a few pointers can get you on the winning path because as complicated as it seems Just Roll It is very easy to understand and if you're ready this might be your lucky day.

Buy - If you're the first one to roll the die, then go ahead and make that count. Buying a piece of land takes you on a high point if you end up landing first on the board. That goes the same if you prefer the more galactic counterpart of it, buy planets. A property is also as good as its manager so if you can get those properties, build houses, hotels or colonies. The larger the structure is in a land, the bigger it is to rent out when somebody lands on your parcel of land. This can easily make your dreams of world domination faster, easier and economically sound.

Strategize - Device a few ways to get out of a sticky situation if you didn't get to buy enough resources at first. Remember to buy other players property if you can, but remember it'll cost more so make sure you don't go bankrupt in the beginning of the game. If you can't buy all the property, make sure you just purchase the one that can win you according to the rules. There's always a way, people win them by picking sides on the board and getting the properties whole line. It's not always luck! If you are playing this game via Team mode, always know how your partner plays before you decide a purchase would beneficial to you both.

Pawn - If you run out of money and don't have anything left, don't be shy to win back by pawing property. The game allows you to liquidate your assets by selling it to other players so you get cash in return. You can still pay off small rentals and continue the game but make sure you don't lose it, as it's pretty hard to win when you land on a high priced rental be it a hotel or colony! Swear! We've seen some players really lose money in the beginning and eventually win by just doing this. 

Watch Other Players - There are behavioral patterns and you can see how other players actually buy real estate, buildings or planets. If you see they don't care about the price that much, take note of that. If they're losing too much money, take note of that too and make sure the next time they do get incarcerated or trapped in some boxes, pounce on the opportunity so you could win that game!

You can watch this video and see how it works!

So go ahead and download the game and other information on and you might just win in the weekly or monthly raffle event. This includes the latest phones, gadgets and REAL money as they've got Php 1 Million worth of prizes to be given away! Aren't you glad you read it here first?!

This just in: Just Roll It is now having their Monthly Raffle event extended until September 30th. This means that all players would have a chance to win one of two (2) brand new Samsung Galaxy S6 edge, one of two (2) shiny Samsung Galaxy S6 or a whopping Php 200,000 cold cash! Check out details here!

That's how YOU can win it big in "Just Roll It".


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