Red Planet Launches Brand and 10th Hotel in the Philippines

Thursday, August 13, 2015

Yesterday was quite an adventure. I visited the Red Planet flagship building in Amorsolo, Makati City. Although the rain and howling winds tried to dampen my spirit, this was something I was looking forward to do the whole week because the former Tune Hotels operator just split ties with that brand and said they separated because of difference in directions. I must say, they've been a really good franchise and if they wanted to do a different take on the business, they've got all the rights to do so. So in a nutshell, ye the rumor is true and they're planning to make the Red Planet brand stand alone and be operated by them fully. From the looks of it, they've got a very promising place now that they're beginning to roll out BIG changes that they want to happen with Red Planet.

Check in and check out's a breeze in the running Amorsolo branch. I don't think they even troubled their patrons even if they're revamping the places so it could follow the new standard that they dream for Red Planet. This is something that they're really happy about because from the looks of it, they're running the business as a hostel rather than a  fully budgeted one. They're even installing really fast Internet connection specifically for their guests. Their turnover is very fast, and the people staying in their hotels are primarily backpackers who just want something simple and efficient. To providde comfortable, connected, technology enabled desirable locations at attractive prices. This is the philosophy that Red Planet believes in, and they say "It's all about Value!".

Mr. Tim Hansing CEO of Red Planet Hotels says "Red Planet is committed to provide clean and efficient stays, a connected, fast and free WIFI connection which is crucial for all our guests. This brand and concept is here for the long term and we're doing an investment strategy that will make sure we'll open more hotels in the coming years. The new Red Planet brand also now has a very functional mobile app. Once you stay in our hotels, it activates into in-stay mode. The app then will feed you local events, places of interest directly to your smart phones. You can also do room to room and front desk calling, also a chat line so if you're outside you can still get in touch with our front desk officers. This just one our investments in technology, this is Value added to a guests stay in any of our hotels. As of now we've got 1720 rooms and we're the biggest international hotel operator in the Philippines. We also own and operate hotels in Indonesia, Japan and Thailand.

Aside from Red Planet in Amorsolo, Red Planet also has hotels in Makati (Kalayaan), Aseana, Ermita, Quezon City, Ortigas, Angeles City, Cebu, Cagayan De Oro and Davao City. I'm planing to stay in Cebu for a few days this year so I can't wait to tell you about my experience. See you in October perhaps?

Let's see!


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