Let The Love Begin Cast Says Thank You!

Friday, August 07, 2015

It was so nice to see the cast of Let the Love Begin all smiles during the "Last Hurrah" party that GMA Social Media put up a few days ago. Present during that afternoon were Ms. Rita Avila, Ms. Donita Rose, Sancho Delas Alas, Phytos Ramires, Abel Estanislao, including sweethearts Gabbi Garcia and Ruru Madrid. It was a time to say Thank You to all the countless people who have made their show successful these past few months. Now that the show is ending, they don't want to forget all the support that you've given them so they called in media and online friends to a party in Alab Restaurant in Scout Rallos in Quezon City.

During this time, they let loose, they reminisced about the days they worked so hard during the making of this program. Gabbi and Ruru started by singing for us in front and says making their first debut in Prime Time was a thing they would never forget. Even off cam, I adore Gabbie for her very pleasing personality. She makes you feel welcome, talk to you and happen to do it like you've never lost touch. Ruru on the other hand may have quirks, but that's exactly what makes him cute if you ask the fans who have fallen in love with his character Erick in the show. Gabbi who plays Pia, Erick's childhood sweetheart was trying to take photos of the layout they had in the venue but Ruru went in and covered the view which made her a little irritated during this bit above. In just a few minutes, they were all so sweet and cuddly, that's how close they have become and what I've heard from them is that, they'll truly miss this show.


Abel Estanislao grabbed the microphone and began serenading everyone while they were preparing some games for the bloggers. Abel, Phytos and Sancho were super involved when they started some acting contests using the scenes from their show. Let's just say they enjoyed it so much that I couldn't even show some of the photos during that part of the show because it's not for general viewing. I laud these guys for letting the press and other bloggers have fun with them even just for a while.

Ms. Donita Rose couldn't stop laughing when the scenes included her and had the bloggers portray it. Remember the part where she got pregnant? Oh it just became hilarious when the bloggers had a hand in it. She also said a few words towards the end of the program and said "I hope people would stop bashing me because I really didn't know that in the beginning when you portray the role of a contra bida they would really tell you some nasty things! It's just a role po so please don't be mad at me!" and then she laughed. She also thanked everyone in the production and her co actors Ms. Rita Avila by the way was also proud about her book The Invisible Wings because it just got nominated in the Jaime Cardinal Sin Catholic Book Awards, we hope she wins! 

Gabbi Garcia and Ruru Madrid then sang the theme song of the show. As you can see, they didn't stop teasing each other, especially when people were egging them to kiss after the song haha! They were so cute, I could have mistaken them to be officially real boyfriend and girlfriend. They're still concentrating on work though, which would be good for them in the long run. Still, you can't help buy gush on these two!

Oh and at the end of the program, they awarded the cast with some titles they earned during the making of LTLB!

They also thanked their fans, supporters who never missed a day of their show and for sternly supporting them during the show's existence. Today is their last day so if you're at home or have TV, please do watch their last episode and see if Erick and Pia end up together, like happily ever after!

Congratulations Gab and Ruru! Also to everyone who made the series what it is today. You have taught valuable lessons to Pinoys, congratulations on your show as you air your last hurrah!


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