Streaming and Surfing Fun As Smart Prepaid Brings You Big Bytes 50

Sunday, August 30, 2015

It looks like you're going to be having fun this week as the country's biggest network will make you enjoy watching those favorite movies, super cool TV shows and stream the most awesome music on your prepaid lines as they bring BIGBytes50. Yes, for just 50 pesos you can enjoy 3 days of surfing at 350 MB. That's super convenient to have when you enjoy iFlix, Fox where there's a ton of movies and even local GMA shows plus Spinnr where you can get hours upon hours of music at the end of your fingertips, it's that good!

Aside from the cost, having iFlix on my phone means I don't have any wasted time. I don't watch films that much in movie houses because of my busy lifestyle and the app saves me hundreds of pesos for movie passes and even more if you count the super salty butter popcorn and soda. Sometimes, I whip up microwave popcorn at home and prepare iced tea if I need a break from all my tasks. It saves me money, it also saves me the pain of going to and from the mall. I'm not even talking about the monstrous traffic so just imagine the convenience of spending 99 bucks for a whole month, all that since I'm a Smart subscriber. Add to that the recent addition of MGM as investor to iFlix, Fox on the Viewstream App and listening to Spinnr all day, if you do all these, you'll definitely make Taylor Swift proud!

 There are countless reasons why you should take Big Bytes 50 for spin when your current subscription expires on prepaid. The choices, the free stuff and convenience on how you live the Smart Life is just something you can't get anywhere else in the country. Now, you can take Entertainment Everywhere because you'll feel loved by the country's biggest network that dishes out these awesome offers. That's almost 950MB worth of data for open access, movies, music, play Clash of Clans to declare wars and a whole lot more! Now if you don't get that, you're crazy! Make sure you check out to know more! Heck if you love James Reid and Nadine Lustre, they're all there too!

Or simply send the keyword BIG50 to 9999.


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