WeChat Secrets You Might Not Have Known!

Monday, August 10, 2015

I've been using WeChat for years now and I admit, I've met a few friends on the app even if I'm not in Manila. The thing is, there are other things in the app that I'm actually just starting to discover. Well, it's actually a pretty easy to use especially the usual Chat and Discover function. Well lo and behold we have a lot of things that we didn't know existed on the app and here's some of them listed, you can thank me later!

Voiceprint - They just updated the app to version 6.2. Now you can use Voiceprint to secure the app and access it when you want to. No, you can't get locked up anymore because WeChat can use your voice, recognize your intonations so the app can verify your identity. To enable the feature, just login, go to Settings > My Account > Voiceprint. It'll ask you to read out a few numbers, say it twice and voila! You're already good to go!

Translate Posts - We all have friends in different parts of the world. I have Korean, Japanese and Taiwanese ones but I couldn't read them all since I'm not multilingual enough LOL. Put a finger on top of the phrase or word, choose the translate option and see what it means. Now isn't that a good thing to see right on the post? Genius.

Chat History - Changing phones? Transferring your WeChat conversations has never been so easy with this feature. Just go to Settings > General > Chat Log Migration. You need to have 30% of battery before you can do this though, so remember that!

New Photo Picker - Now you don't have to look and be worried you're uploading the wrong blurred photo. You've got a new Photo Picker that can also choose multiple photos on your camera roll and upload it right away on your WeChat wall. Easy.

Healthy Stuff - Well of course there are no shrimps inside the app, the thing is, if you've got wearables you can use the app to send your own heart rate information to friends so you can compare notes or if you're in a running or cycling club, now it's going to be easier. That's healthy, don't get high blood pressure with the shrimp haha! Sorry I had to do that!

WeChat's Nicer in Desktop and Laptop Computers - It's better and more efficient now in Desktop and Laptop computers. WeChat has functions such as file sharing, screenshots, group chat mentions and message recall. Imagine an office, transfer files with your mates without the need of usb disks. Or you can use the screenshot function and cut up only the images you want to send your peers. Need to tell someone something directly? Well just mention them with the @ sign and you're good to go. You can keep those conversations private too. If you want to read them again, you can have those conversations saved on the phone. Now you can manage your emotions, live your own personal messaging life the way you want to when you're with WeChat. Have an incredible time!


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