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Monday, August 03, 2015

This series looked impossible to do right from the start. From the stellar cast, the multitude of characters they have to portray, the big stars, all must have been a headache to achieve since it's planning. They called it Misterless Misis, as this happens at an era when women want to see how real life independent women would handle their not so ordinary lives. The cast includes prime TV5 actress Ritz Azul, legendary actress comedienne Mitch Valdez, host and Jerry Springer's female version Gelli De Belen, multi awarded actress Ms. Lorna Tolentino, beauty queen, model and international star Ruffa Gutierrez and new full figured bombshell Andie Gomez (first ever contestant of FHHM Eat Bulaga fame).

Misterless Misis

 This isn't actually going to be serious as they're mostly going to be in a situational comedy scenes. Although the issues are, you can tell, pressing matters, they're going to concentrate way more on friendships, relationships and how it feels to heed the help of your friends. It reminded me much of Mysteria Lane or Desperate Housewives, but the director said if it might have some similarities, it's not intentional and the only common thing is just standard issues that women of their age go through. 

She was laughing profusely and was a bit put off by the mere fact that we were interviewing her. She's a communications student and she didn't think she was going to be on the other side of the fence during the press conference. She plays a very outspoken and ultra confident woman in the show. It's a far cry from what she is in real life but she laments "Actually, until today, I can't really believe what's happening. I only watch my co-stars on TV and now there's a chance for me, when they were looking for a fresh face we all know how small the population is for plus sized women in the industry. They wanted it, that's me but of course I auditioned for this, I was just chosen for this part. I don't have a manager but I think I need it. I was a grand finalist in FHHM but didn't get that far, so this was an unexpected blessing in disguise. 

My experience was more into news production, I was always the host in college and it was just role playing in college, but this is the first time. Tiny is more of Andie so this was no pressure, what made me realize this was different is because I'm in front of Ruffa and I had to be super confident with these beautiful people. We've taped already 3 episodes and it's going to be all about the characters, like backgrounders. Tiny is a big girl, happily married, has kids, but the confidence is over the roof, over the galaxy. I am the only one who always had a say about diets, but I'm not the streotype, I wear what I want even with this shape. This is so good for big girls, I hope that inspires people in the same state. 

I haven't really seen any episodes, waaa! I don't know how I'll look like on camera! I was so nervous with Ruffa because I had to say a line like I had to say I'm more beautiful than her. I had to also tell her that women this beautiful are snobs, and she had to be friendly since she's not LOL! I haven't worked that much with Ms. Lorna yet but we did have a conversation with other artists, I don't know yet what will happen because Ms. Lorna is so big, but she's very humble, very human without any star complex. I'm married here with Fabio Ide, so I don't know if I can do that... I haven't had a scene yet, but I'm hoping tomorrow will be good since we're doing it. In the multitude of personalities, Ms. Mitch and I will be very comedic because she plays my Mom in the show. Ms. Gelli also is a pro in pulling off lines. Ms. Mitch is always going to be my antagonist, we're always clashing and I can't wait for people to see my clothes in the show. I woke up like this! Complete with contours, heavy make up, a combination of funny and the not so normal big girls in the society and she doesn't care if there are problems. That part is nice she's funny and gives advice while biting on a doughnut. It's like modern to old school, you can tell we're telling people about themselves in the show. I hope people would be able to watch us on August 9, 2015 at 9PM.

Ritz Azul sat with us to tell more about her character, she plays a Physical Therapist and handles old people regularly because it comes with the job. Her neighbors on the other hand judged her repeatedly saying these old geezers were her men! Crazy right? Well, she's still optimistic and hope this character makes notice of those chismosas in your neighborhood and how people would judge others in this situation. She says "I just came from school and got made up in my uniform, but my character is Mia, a PT and health buff, and vegetarian, and BOHO chic. They're going to talk about me in the show because they thing I have different DOM's but I just take care of them. We already taped with everyone and I feel there's no off and on cam thing in the set. Director Mark Meily made this a very happy set. I've worked with them all except Andie. They're all great people, they don't make you feel intimidated, and we always help out each other. I am a bit separate but I always have an epilogue in the last bit so we can sum up how to resolve problems every episode. 

It's an hour long and talks about Misis that are Misterless, from having breakups, death, and I'm the only one who is single in this show. That part is funny because they'll see me with different old people. It's been a long time since I heard that we were going to do this, but when it happened, it was really a dream just hearing the names of the cast members. I learned a lot from them especially Gelli who's really crazy on set. You can adlib but we do this like a commercial because this is Unitel. It's a shot per person, it's live audio so you have to remember everything. Ms. Mitch always sings on set, Gelli dances KPOP, Andie is a little nervous but we're always together on tent. For a new artist, she's working hard and she comes prepared because she reviews everything at home and throw lines with her PA. People can learn a lot from my character, not to judge people, and I think people should start living healthy. For the whole show, you'll learn something from us individually, you find love, you'll learn the value of friendships and how we all connect in the neighborhood. This is like Sex in the City, Friends and Desperate Housewives in one show. It's going to be a big surprise each time, I hope people would get to see it when we start on the 9th of August! It's going to be fun!"

Misterless Misis

Misterless Misis

Misterless Misis

The cast, and everyone else in the production would like you to watch this show made by Unitel and TV5. It's going to start on August 9, 2015 next week! Make sure you never miss a day so you can know more about their characters. It shows 9PM on the happiest network in the country, TV5!


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