Aiai On A Roll with Pitalicious Shawarma

Tuesday, October 03, 2017

It looks like Ms. Aiai Delas Alas is on a roll. After having a presscon yesterday for her new movie Bes and the Beshies, here she goes endorsing a new product with PITALICIOUS SHAWARMA. It's a company owned by Mr. and Mrs. Gillian and Bryan Francisco who currently owns 5 of them. As of today they have about 35 franchisees around the country and are gearing to have a hundred before the year ends. 

During the blog con Ms. Aiai says "Here we go again, I'm the brand ambassadress for Pitalocious, thanks to the owners who believed in me. In any product that I endorse, it's not oily, it's marinated with the owners special recipe. I tried it first and I'm impressed. I am not just doing this with lip service but I'll be also investing by owning my own kiosk. Though I have friends that also endorse shawarma brands, but I think their audience is different. We are mostly for families, for moms and dads, for kids, for lolo and lola, and he's like a son to me so there's no conflict. My kids actually love the products especially the BEEF."

She adds "They also love the Shawarma Rice, the Siopao, and maybe if the owners allow me later on to also include organic chicken, I'll be glad to incorporate that in my stores. My wedding will happen in December, I'm really excited just like any other bride but this is a dream for me. Right now PITALICIOUS can be seen in Marketplace Mandaluyong, Tomas Morato, SM Pasig, and a lot more... maybe if all else goes right Ms Ai will put up one in Shangrila soon. I also have a nephew in SM so I might put one also there. In every business you need to put your heart into it, and give it time, like babies, like plants if you don't give that to them. You have to do it with passion, because I have failed businesses in the past, that's what I learned from my experiences. So I will take a look at this business closely, that's the secret."

Anna Francheska Lara, Pitalicious' Marketing head told us "This is our first time to get an endorser and we chose Ms. Ai, it's a family business, very fanily oriented and getting her was no brainer. For the price, we have 55 pesos, buy one take one for 100 pesos. We have 5 company owned stores, about 35 branches country wide. Franchises are dependent on 148-188-240 and everything will be included. We assist in choosing locations, we find problems and support our franchisees to boost your business. We don't actually have franchise fees or royalties for the first three years, it's a good thing we had signups last weekend because they trust the company and Ms Aiai. The promise for ROI is about 6-7 months and we push to help them by going there personally."

"We will be talking soon with Ms. Ai if there will be a TVC, you'll hear about it soon. You may take a look at our products online on We train franchisees and let them hire people that they trust (or personally man it) so that there would be no issues with the earnings of the business."

Owner Ms. Gillian Francisco adds "My husband is an expert in electrical, and I take care of food and the commisary. We are very detailed and passionate about this so if we're looking for owners with the same characteristics as us. We worked in the corporate world and felt we needed more time for ourselves, and our family so we never looked back after our first few stores. We had Ms. Aiai because she's very family centric, and our brand stems from that because we believe that with passion, any business like ours would flourish especially in the food industry."

Good luck and congratulations Ms. Aiai! My Pitalicious be another successful venture!

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