St Peter Life Plan Perks at Breakout Philippines

Monday, October 02, 2017

What does your life plan give you today? Couldn't answer much right? I know.

I asked that specific question because most often that not, your life plan provider doesn't give you anything side from just getting your money that's accorded in your plan. St. Peter Life Plan has been in the industry for years. True enough, they have retained the number one spot in the pre-need death care industry and has been able to provide more affordable packages in traditional memorial life plans. Now that's all good, but what is this thing they call Death Care Week?

It's their way of giving back to the community, one that they started 11 years ago. Back then even talking about death was a taboo, it made people uncomfortable, but you know how convenient it would be to have one so as not to disturb your own family when you leave this world. They held a lot of events, helped tons of people get to and from cemeteries during Halloween, All Saints Day and All Souls Day. This year seems a lot special because aside from their usual community projects, they have also added perks to all St. Peter Life Plan holders together with Breakout Philippines. Have you 
heard of them?

Look at me so happy to solve this room! LOL!

Breakout Philippines has been providing group and family entertainment for a couple of years now. They have themed mystery rooms in different malls, buildings, with the goal of solving it and I've done it quite a number of times. This time however, the partnership they have with Breakout Philippines means all Employees, Sales Agents, Plan Holders with PHIC (plan holders identification cards) or signed St. Peter Life Plan Contracts will get Php 100 OFF their rates on these specific rooms. For SM North Edsa's Boogetman and Sleep No More, Greenbelt 5's Corpse Bride, Katipunan's Clownhouse and Paragon Plaza's Hide and Seek. We actually tried the one in SM North Edsa a few days ago and by golly, it was so much fun I wanted to try the other rooms too. 

Make sure you look for an additional clue, it's the St. Peter Pink Casket!

The Boogeyman had a difficulty of 4/5 because you literally don't have things to actually start with, you just have to find clues and know how to open the cases. It's really fun to do with a group of 5 or more. The best thing that happened that afternoon is of course, we got out of The Boogeyman room in record time. I think we clocked in at around 38 minutes for a 45 minute limited time room. Now is your chance to do it, so go to these branches to get those perks people! 

For more details about Death Care Week, please take a look at my article here. Thanks St. Peter for letting us experience this Breakout Philippines Boogeyman room!

/* First two photos in this article are from Ed Uy. Thanks!

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