World Vision and DOH Strengthens Philippine Milk Code Implementation

Friday, October 06, 2017

In simple ceremonies at the Luxent Hotel in Quezon City, World Vision in Partnership with the Department of Health launchrd a project for implementing Executive Order 51 more known as the Philippine Milk Code. They have been steadfastly supporting this project for a few years already and with the advent of changes in it's implementing rules and regulations, it's now going to be easy to report violations that would fall under this executive order. This included corporations and establishments that have no lactation facilities, no lactation breaks for employees and anything that would fall under this lot.

There would be three main channels Moms could go to namely the website, the Mother Baby Philippines app through Google Play and the App Store and through SMS. On the website simply fill out the form under the SUBMIT A REPORT button on the main page, on the app click on the REPORT VIOLATION button and follow the procedure listed there, and for SMS, just text Name, Location, Date and Time of Violation, and details to 292906237. You will get confirmation that your report has been received. They will make sure that your report will be kept confidential, and will be acted upon by agencies concerned with the report. It'll be taken cared of and they will get in touch with you if needed. This way, the implementation will be strongly enforced and monitored by dedicated teams in our locale.

Ms. Carleneth F. San Valentin, the Technical Manager for Health and Nutrition under World Vision Development Foundation, Inc. said "Thank you for gracing us, I would like to thank you all from the Mother Baby Friendly Philippines team of World Vision, to celebrate us with victories big or small. We will make more women realize that breastfeeding is a biological norm."

It looks promising, I can't wait for this to be seen implemented all throughout the country. Congratulations World Vision and DOH!

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