Charmer Chienna Filomeno Joins Vivo Family

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

She's pretty and people have noticed. This 21 year old lady is no stranger to social media as she's racked up over a million followers to boot. She's Chienna, and now she's part of Vivo's newest endorsers. This comes as welcome news to the showbiz newcommer as she juggles through life making a living, traveling and her passion music. She's already learning how to be a DJ these days and Vivo Philippines saw value in these endeavors. The smart phone manufacturer is taking her wings to fly as she joins the brand's multitude of endorsers and she's never been happy being part of the Vivo Family.

She currently uses the V7+ to take mostly all her photos and why not it's got clear and natural looking outputs when she posts it on her channels, where she's obviously been doing very good. She personally loves the built in filters which she says was very easy to learn when you've got the phone in your hand. The Bokeh effect is just outstanding because it could all take the attention away from distractions, and keep your eyes tuned to this lovely lass since September. You probably saw how her shots have changed because it's got more drama, more time to shoot with less post processing which she dubs is a must for any selfie centric millenial. The phone boasts the V7+ 24 MP clearer selfie which can battle the world's best phone cameras and they claim it's the world's first that's got an LED flash and proprietary algorithms so you get those shots on point, when you want it, when you need it.

Chienna also used this phone on her recent trip to Bangkok and pleasures how superb the sound came out from her phone, a feat that Vivo says is possible using the V7+ high fidelity sound feature.This would really make any music lover to enjoy a phone that not only has a camera that can do the job, but sound so great too. She urges her fans to make the smart choice and choose Vivo V7+ for themselves because she's already seen, felt and heard it. Chienna will be part of the mall tours that will end this last quarter of 2017, so stay tuned to their channels if you want to see her in the flesh and fresh! Visit the Vivo website at or their channels or Instagram @vivophil and Twitter too @vivo_phil. 

Now isn't that neat?


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