Ian Veneracion Shares How To Be Cough Free During Holidays

Tuesday, October 03, 2017

His looks? They don't come easy, but if he's got symptoms of cough he takes Ascof Forte Menthol Syrup. It fits him in all occasions.

It's the holidays and I'm sure some of you are noticing the change of weather. From the hot humid almost summer felt nights, to the cold because your single freezing evenings. Well don't fret because you'll get snuggled with a few tips by this man who looks like he's never aged, he's the Philippines very own good looking vampire, A Love To Last leading man Ian Veneraciion.

His secret to looking this good doesn't come easy. He shares how one should still have a very active lifestyle. Even if he's spending several shooting days out in the provinces, he still finds time to still workout and make sure that physique still looks the same when he's in front of the camera. Do not be tempted to stay in your bed too long, yes, you should still have enough sleep but if it's time to workout, do not be lazy. Make sure your requirements of enough cardio and weight training is accomplished before calling it a day. Aside from that, make sure you eat something healthy. He swears fruits and vegetables still occupy his plate and does it from breakfast, lunch and dinner. The anti oxidants must have done wonders for his skin, I mean look at him... isn't he angelic like me? Well sort of.

He also keeps his physique and mental alertness in check by engaging in his favorite sports like football, basketball, tennis, swimming, sailing, motocross, martial arts and even boxing. When he gets a little sick because of getting all sweaty of these activities, he takes control of it with a remedy like Ascof. It's natural, made from the Lagundi leaves and even gives it to his whole family when they need relief. He might be a Dad of 3 but he's quite confident even the kids can take it. Those bronchial asthma won't be too much of a problem because it's safe, it's organic and won't leave you sick. It's also got menthol soothing ingredients that would make you feel better, Ian suggest you take this when you it's just starting because it all felt better when he did it. He knows Pascual Laboratories made these in their farm in Nueva Ecija, with the strictest standards it's all safe. If you want to know more about it, visit their Facebook page at www.facebook.com/ASCOFLagundi and their official website http://www.pascuallab.com/index.php/ascof but if symptoms persist, they strongly advise you consult your doctor, I think that's the best advise!


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