William Thio Talks About SPOTLIGHT

Thursday, October 19, 2017

I remember William Thio being that soft spoken heathrob back in the 90's and didn't hear quite much about him since then. He's been doing the legwork and has hosted talk shows and done field work as a news reporter (with other networks), anchored for UNTV's news properties, and still maintained that boyish looks he had back then. He's been raring to do this for the long time and it was a good opportunity to get to host this new one called SPOTLIGHT. 

William says "This would be a weekly show, shown every Saturday to bring a more personal interview. I'm excited for you to see the first guest, it's Ms. Nora Aunor. We want to talk about their legacy, their lives, this is a relaunch but previously this was hosted by our boss Daniel Razon. It's not entirely going to be entertainment personalities, but rather achievers in their respected industries. I think I found my niche, I am honored to do what I want to do which is news and public service. For the good of mankind. I consider myself as a journalist. I gather from sources and verify before I report it. I consider Daniel Razon as someone who inspires me, he always had the right things to say and I admire him because he always makes it a point to help first before reporting it. Lives do matter, and that's what we do in the UNTV. The station has trained me, developed me, they have set my priorities and having all that translated me in continuing what I love to do."

He adds "I've been engaged a couple of times back when I was younger, I am right now in a good place and I've had so much work, including a construction company that designs and restores which takes up most of my day. I would need someone to understand that, to understand me and what I do in a regular basis. I wake up and do things my way, I'm not in a hurry or looking but if God provides then I'd be glad."

SPOTLIGHT will be featuring individuals and celebrities that have weathered through life so they get to talk about it now, how they made it, and provide a sneak peek into their lives and squeeze it into a thirty minute show. His interviewees would be a hodge podge of the prominent, powerful and iconic people in the Philippines to see how they've been successful, perhaps a little too in their private lives, to show a more human side in their show. The show would like to also have people learn from their success and failures, to be more informative and entertaining. The show starts on October 28, Saturday and the corresponding weekends thereafter from 4:30PM to 5PM.

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