It's Time for a Video Timeout!

Wednesday, October 04, 2017

My phone is dying, my phone is dying...

It's been a VERY busy day, I had two events in different locations which were pretty far and inconvenient to commute to, plus the torrential rain wasn't helping at all. I sat a few hours in traffic, you know how EDSA is. With my main phone drained of batteries I remember I've got my Smart Prepaid line inside my bag, so I took it out and prepared myself to de-stress. Of course I had a bit of Youtube.

Please don't judge me with my subscriptions! :(

Since I don't want to bother myself with the grueling task of taking out my LTE line from my original phone, I used my prepaid line instead. I need to watch about an hours worth of updates on my subscriptions, plus check my own videos over at (if you haven't subscribed yet please do). Glad to know they've got VIDEO TIMEOUT 10. I sent the code VIDEO10 to 9999. I received a confirmation and started watching.

This is the most awesome way to have unlimited data for Youtube streaming in one hour for only Php 10. Ten pesos? That's unbelievable. So I watched my favorite Youtube teasers, reruns, Video Bloggers, and Tekla concerts (now don't tell me you don't enjoy those concerts!) I could get my hands on. Soon enough, the Uber driver was already laughing with me while we sat on traffic for another hour, I arrived safely in Black Market but felt so bad to note that the event has already ended.

I went back quite happy, I never got traffic to ruin my day because even if I missed that event, I had one of the most enjoyable rides on Uber with that short breaktime. Breaktime is Youtube time!

It's 10 pesos for crying out loud, I saved a ton with that short journey because I felt the entertainment getting there was worth the trip! I even rated the driver five stars. Now if I could do the same for Smart I would, who would have thought I would enjoy traffic that much. You should too!

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