New BlueWater Day Spa Treatments for a Slashie Life

Saturday, October 28, 2017

I had so much fun during this event. I have always regarded BlueWater Day Spa as our family's go to place for rest and relaxation. My Mom and Sister are regulars in the branch near our place and I don't even blame them at all. The superb service plus the whole experience had them hooked the first time they tried it. It's already been beneficial, when there are aches and pains because of everyday work, this serves as a refuge for them and they always invite me along if I'm free. I'm glad they still think of their well being despite being busy at home and in the workplace. I don't usually have that luxury, but I indulge if I can if time permits.

BlueWater Day Spa is not holding back on improving what they offer. They now have different varieties of wellness and beauty services. The SLASHIE life they mention is how to maintine that time to relax, take a breather and recharge even if we all have an active lifestyle. They have different ambassadors for different services.

Good looking Ervic Vijandre and Benjamin Alves pushes for their favorites which are the ATHLETE's MASSAGE and the TRADITIONAL FILIPINO HILOT. They've vouched on how it could actually relax, soothe tense nerves and eliminate cold spots especially at the back area. Man of the World 2017 Winner Mustafa Galal Elezali on the other hand prefers to do REVITA SHAPE TREATMENT because of the way it tones and slims the body parts where it matters most aesthetically. David Licauco on the other hand wants you to experience the COMBO HERBAL MASSAGE with VOLCANIC STONE HERBAL PACK. It's heat treatments with Swedish and Shiatsu massage combined. I think I tried a similar treatment in their Tomas Morato branch a couple of months ago, but if they've improved that, this is exciting!

I was a bit surprised though that they also have treatment for kids. Imagine, this place has INFANT MASSAGE which is done by appointment only.Give them a call and see how you can promote health and growth of your young ones. It also helps digestion, increases blood flow and boosts their immune system. That's going to translate remarkable improvement on your kid's health if you ask me. During the program, I liked how the Mom and Fabio Ide got so crazy with the kids. They were a lot to handle! LOL!

Kim Chiu was so gracious and so approachable outside the venue. She obliged fans of selfies including me! :) She's promoting what is called MLD or Manual Lymphatic Drainage Massage. It's fit for those who don't want to have skin problems, sagging skin, PMS, sleep disorders, cramps, neck pains and lower back pains. Kim even told us how she experiences these things while shooting shows she appears in on ABSCBN. She suggests you do this twice a month because she does it too. If you want to avail of this you should book their services now!

If you want to know more about prices, like them on Facebook at and message them there. Or if you prefer, they have hotlines for every branch like 8173126 for Makati, 7420426 for Ortigas, 9524829 for Capitol Hills, 9151247 for Eastwood City, 09351304250 for Cotabato City and soon in Banawe QC.

I can't wait to have mine soon!


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