Time Management Rules: How Much Time Do You Need To Spend Working?

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Become More Productive With Proper Time Management Habits

The efficiency of 8-hour working day has been argued for a long time now, let alone those cases when the amount of time you spend working has no limits whatsoever. It may seem that you have no choice: that paper writing or those assignments won’t complete themselves. But the thing is, to be more productive you need to create a perfect balance of working hours and off-hours. Read on to learn more about time management rules.

Best Way To Organize Your Time

One recent research showed that workday length doesn’t really affect productivity in any significant way, but the way people organize their work hours does. People who regularly take small breaks from work show higher levels of productivity than those who work for hours in a row. 

The perfect balance is 52 minutes of work followed by 17 minutes of rest followed by another 52 minutes of work… you get the idea. Try this method while doing some important and complex research writing – odds are you’ll notice how much more productive you get.

The only thing you have to remember if you do want to increase your productivity is forget about social media and private messages. During your breaks, do something that would distract you from work – read, do workouts, have a cup of tea. This will give you more energy to complete all the tasks during the upcoming hour of work.

Your Brain Will Tell You How To Be More Productive
Those who discovered this perfect balance of work and breaks show better results and easily catch up on competition. The thing is they’ve realized how to satisfy our brain’s fundamental needs. It is capable of working at full capacity for an hour and then its activity drops down. This decrease of activity lasts for approximately 15-20 minutes.

The best way to avoid exhaustion and all kinds of distractions is to divide your workload in portions.

So instead of working on something until you just can’t focus on your task, listen to what your body tells you. Tiredness or desire to get distracted may be a sign that tells you that you need a break. Your list of essay topics can wait. Relax and forget about your work for a short period of time.

Main Rules of Productive Working Day Organization

Correct time management will help you improve your performance at work, no matter how many hours a day you spend working. If you work on your tasks and assignments during your natural activity peaks, it will be easier for you to deal with large amounts of work. Here are four main tips on how to do this right:
  1. Work diligently during that hour and divide your tasks into several separate stages based on your working hour sessions. As a rule, we plan to complete our tasks or projects by the end of the day, week, or month. However, practice shows that your performance efficiency increases when we focus on something we can do right here, right now. Correct working schedule will not only help you work out your own productivity rhythm; it will also make massive tasks look more doable.

  2.   Focus on your work completely. You need to pay all your attention and your every effort to what your work on during your activity hour. If you constantly get distracted by something, it will be of no use.

  3. Make sure you relax properly during your breaks. Those who find a way to completely detach themselves from thoughts about work during their breaks work more productively afterwards. To increase your productivity, take a break and stay away from your computer, your smartphone and from thinking of your work. Take a walk, read a book, chat to a friend. When there’s just too much of work, the temptation to use your break to make calls or write emails is great but remember that this won’t let you relax properly. 

  4. Don’t wait until the moment your body will make you take a break. It will be too late, you’ll miss a planned break and get off track. In that case you’ll need more time for restoring the proper working hours/off-hours balance.
Follow these simple rules and your productivity will increase. You’ll improve your performance and feel much better overall. It is a great way to deal with large workload faster without resorting to outside help. Give this a try – and you’ll forget about contacting custom essay services.


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