Kisses Delavin Stays Fashionable with the Vivo V7+

Tuesday, October 24, 2017

She was awesome during the Star Magic Ball this year and true enough, she and Marco won star of the night if I'm not mistaken. She's keen to actually shy away from all that happened during the Pinoy Big Brother stint and this alumni is now part of the Vivo family.

During the 4th day of MEGA Mega Fashion Week, Kisses Delavin wore a Francis Libiran blush caped gown. She slayed the red carpet using the latest from VIVO Philippines, her Vivo V7+ and it did come at an opportune time to showcase the smartphone’s 24MP clearer selfie perfect shot. She absolutely looked gorgeous in the latest MEGA Fashion Week snapshots and she couldn't hide how happy she was during the event. She utters “I am very happy and I hope I could give back the love and trust Vivo has given me because I absolutely love my V7+ because the camera takes clear and natural looking selfies. I hope my fans get their own V7+ because I'm sure they'll love it too.”

Vivo, being the world’s fifth largest smartphone manufacturer who has always been the go to brand in the Philippines because of its selfie capabilities. The V7+’s 24MP clearer selfie will surely be enjoyed by a lot of people while being all cool using the front camera that's got an LED flash and it's own smart photography algorithms which makes every shot crisp and natural-looking. Get the look and feel of glossy fashion spreads even if you're not a celebrity. Vivo has given their full support to the MEGA fashion affair. They believe that Vivo and fashion go well together and with the Vivo V7+ those selfies and fashionable OOTDs will come out perfect every time. Kisses Delavin is also joined by Darren Espanto in the VIVO Philippines family, making the roster of their celebrity endorsers even bigger than before. For those who absolutely love her, she will be doing a series of Vivo V7+ mall shows alongside love other Vivo Family endorsers. It will last until the end 2017 so watch out for them in different malls around the country!

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