Up To 70% OFF in DIGITAL WALKER's Christmas Comes Early Year 2!

Tuesday, October 03, 2017

These are the times whe you want to say I'm glad I'm alive. 

If you are just like me, one who's working really hard these past few months, who's saving up a few pesos just to purchase the latest gadgets, devices and accessories so you could live a comfortable life, this is the BEST news you'll ever want to hear. Our favorite store Digital Walker is going to have their annual CHRISTMAS COMES EARLY SALE at the SM Megatrade Hall 3 this coming October 6-8, 2017. That's this coming weekend so if you've got plans, DROP ALL YOUR THINGS and head on to this venue THIS COMING WEEKEND.

What's up for grabs? Imagine those internationally sourced quality products be sold at a whopping 70% OFF. I am literally shaking from excitement already and I haven't even looked at what they have on sale but judging from the experiences my friends had last year, they saved a ton of pesos. They went out of that place carrying an ish load of trolleys full of gadgets an accessories. I was so envious of these people I had to make sure I'm going to be there this year. 

I'm looking for a good Power Bank and these lovely Ye!! Power Banks might be a good start. I've had one and it lasted for quite a long time, I like how it charges fast, displays the status and the way to turn it on. I simply plug in my device and the cable, then shake the actual power bank to turn ON. They also have the BUBBLE which is a power bank and Bluetooth Speaker in one, which you can use for hours on the beach, at play or even while taking a shower. Those song numbers you'll be singing would be better with real music right?
If you're a little choosy, you may opt for those Braven Bluetooth Speakers that have been raved about around the world, might be even better than the leading brand at a fraction of the cost. It's going to be on sale too so if you want to please your boyfriends, get them this one. They have models that are also waterproof, really tough, and looks cool too. If your lady wants something like that, get them these yummy looking CORN Bluetooth Speakers from Ye!!

It's IP65 certified, splash, dust and impact resistant. Those adventure trails you often go to won't be too silent and you would be able to play songs for about 6 hours if wired and about 4 hours on Bluetooth. Man, I wanna get them all!

They are also selling high quality earphones, Apple and Android accessories, phone cases, wireless IP Cameras, phone and car accessories. That's just the tip of the iceberg.

Now if you want to see other things that they are selling, make sure you follow Digital Walker on FB, and @digitalwalkerph on Instagram and Twitter. 


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