Quick and Easy Chicken Dinner Inspirations

Sunday, October 08, 2017

It's raining outside and I'm in the mood to cook. I think I want something hot, something cozy, so I could just curl up at the corner of my room and read a book while consuming a heaping bowl of Chicken Noodle Soup. I'm not a fan of the usual packaged ones and I do the legwork if I can. But to tell you honestly I am kinda scared to buy things in the local wet market because of the ambiance. Good thing we have options like Magnolia Chicken that's got the packaging right.

It looks clean, fresh even to the naked eye. I don't even see those ugly bruises in dressed chicken we usually see in the market. It's cleaned and gutted already so you don't have complicated knife skills to do that yourself. They've got choice cuts too which takes away your not so favorite parts. This solved a lot of fights in the dinner table at home because my Dad and I always wanted the Drumstick and Thigh parts, no kids were hurt during the show LOL.

I saw a documentary in the UK about Free Range Chickens and it did stick with me. I'm glad that Magnolia is actually offering them now in the market. Although they do the dressed chicken well, it's nice to have options. I guess it all boils down to preference, but I do see and taste the difference between the regular and the free range ones. I am also happy that it's actually a big one, so quality wise it's not compromised. In some way, it's more humane, they're not humans but the process they do from raising them til it arrives to the kitchen is admirable.

I also am itching to actually make my own Eggs Benedict. For me, it's something that would spell a perfect breakfast. Mmm... I can almost feel it.

So for different occasions, different lunch and dinners we had chicken at home. This one is a little curry based. Using the usual boiled chicken, with a little turmeric, soy and some chili, this is a spicy smoky invention at home. I always do that.

Saute Chicken in Canola oil, chilis, basil, tomatoes, onions and a little sesame seed, stir fry, it's a lovely dinner.

Coat chicken in the usual breading, put in a tea spoon of tabasco, a little sugar, honey, you can have your own hot wings at home.

Roasted chicken with lemon grass inside, prepare rue, butter and water, salt and pepper for gravy. Put it on a hot plate, a little brandy and put on a show. 

For the perfect breakfast, toast bread, put egg in a skillet and poach it for a few seconds. Prepare Behcamel sauce, Bacon, lightly blanch and sautee in butter the tomatoes and asparagus, my perfect Eggs Benedict!

You can also prepare the fluffy scrambled egg, sausages, toasted wheat bread, just make sure you put a little milk on the eggs. It's a lovely day!

If its raining outside, you can prepare a good heaping bowl of Arroz Caldo by using Magnolia Free Range Chicken, put some on top of porridge, with fried tofu, garlic, strips of more chicken, and slices of Magnolia Cage Free Brown Eggs. Curl up on the window and watch the day go by. That's going to put everyone in a good mood!
There's a lot of things you can do with Chicken these days, you don't even have to have a recipe actually. Just try to do it like I do, you check your refrigerator, see what ingredients you can use, check your pantry for some unused spices, put it all together and experiment. Life is good, make sure you enjoy it with good food. Magnolia Chicken is available in my local supermarket, I've seen it in the wet market too. It's a good day to cook, so don't even think about it. Go whip up something for your family, your friends, or even just for yourself. 

Believe me, it'll be good.


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