SUN Outs Vic, Maja and Matteo as they usher in LTE

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw how SUN just revealed their endorsers just a few days ago. They've been rarely quiet these past few months and lo and behold, it looks like they're back, stronger than ever! They've probably been working so hard changing hardware so they could switch their entire network from 3G to LTE and that would just spell remarkable improvement in data speeds for all those loyal SUN Subscribers and non subscribers. 

You now have the chance to experience this BETTER connection without breaking the bank. It only costs Php 35 for a brand new SUN LTE SIM and here's how you'll get an even brighter day!

I'm glad to see how SUN would be able to service 24/7 while keeping the costs low, a very practical offering from SUN. For those who are currently subscribed with SUN, you may get your SIM Cards swapped for FREE so simply go to SUN Shops nationwide and get it replaced with nano or micro sims. It's fgoing to be easy to join an even BIGGER network now that SUN has LTE facilities.

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