Laura Lehmann and Winwyn Marquez Heads Off To Fight for Global Crowns

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

It's a great day today and we're blessed to start it with something good, our best bets for Miss World 2017 Laura Lehmann and Winwyn Marquez had a sendoff party with the press this afternoon. For those who don't know Miss World Philippines Laura Lehmann will be flying to Guangzhou, China this October 20 for the Miss World 2017 activities and the crowning on November 18 at the Sanya City Arena. 

She's a Smart Ambassador (Laura) that's why I see her sometimes in Smart events, but she worked so hard for that body as you may see. Miss World will be a little tougher for the queens this year because there will be excercises that involves track and stuff. She will also be joining the Dances of the World part and will be performing Cariñosa which roots came from Spanish Filipino influences. She will need our help too because we would need to vote via the MOBSTAR APP where we need to download and vote by searching her name and swiping right. Laura Lehmann had a chance to also show her advocacy video where she's pushing to create a Milk Bank for a public hospital to care for premature babies, ones with special needs as this will also be part of their pageant to show their advocacies.

Wynwyn Marquez will be leaving October 19 for New York, Panama City then Sta. Cruz Bolivia. She will be representing the country for the Miss Reina Hispanoamericana pageant. She will also be doing a couple of shows and showcase her talent during her stay there. She's the first Filipina to actually join this pageant and she will win, we all hope!

This will be a really great opportunity to show the beauty of the Filipina, the Philippines and our beauty with a purpose. Can't wait to see them wear the crown!

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