The Launch of EPSON Compact L-Series Integrated Ink Tank Printers

Friday, October 27, 2017

Okay first up, I actually intended to go to this event but forgot my outfit at home. This would have been a nice thing to see up close.

Epson just launched their new A4 duplex integrated ink tank printer. The new L-series printers makes it as one of the lowest printing costs in the Philippine market. The device itself looks phenomenal, with sheen as shiny as a new car, this piece of hardware looks like they took a really good time designing it. They also use spill free ink bottles which fits snuggly in each tank making it convenient for users to actually change the thing without worrying too much about the process.

The hardware can be expected to have high yields as it has been tested remarkably well to have an output of about 7,500 pages for black and white prints and about 6,000 colored ones. This would make it lower operating costs in businesses with the pigment based prints water and smudge resistant too. Mind you, Epson is currently the only brand offering ink tank printers with auto-duplex function. They have been committed to improve productivity for business and home users.

They also have a 30 page Automatic Document Feeder (ADF) if you're a little too busy at work and want scanning and copying of multi-sheet documents done in no time. It can be a network printer too as it's got Ethernet ports, Wi-Fi and ad hoc connectivity so you don't need to fuzz much about setting it up on networks because it's easy. You can even print remotely from anywhere via Epson Connect which is Epson’s suite of connectivity solutions.

They are currently the number 1 ink tank vendor and about 20 million Epson ink tank printers sold worldwide since 2010, my former office could attest to it.

You have to note though that Auto duplex is available for all models except for L4150 printer model. The L6160, L6170, L6190 printers are top notch so if you're looking for an efficient one for your business, you should definitely take a look at these models. They also have the L4150 and L4160 models if you prefer different ones too.


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