Maris Racal Swears Sweet Music with Vivo V7+

Thursday, October 26, 2017

You can't let a talented and beautiful girl go to waste so this PBB teen housemate is grabbing every opportunity that would come her way. She's been 1st Runner up to Daniel Matsunaga in PBB All In, part of the girl group in her home network ABSCBN, she's now also joining the ranks of her MarnIgo love team this time as she is now part of global brand Vivo.

The Singing Sunshine from Davao was elated upon learning that she's going to be part of Vivo Philippines because she always wanted to endorse a phone brand that's pretty much like her. Young, hip and global, she wants her talent to shine in every way. If you've been following her lately on Instagram, you would know how much she's showing off some of the shots of the Vivo V7+.

She says “I look super good and fresh in all my selfies even without make-up on. The V7+ really does works wonders because it's got that 24MP capable clearer selfie so you still look natural looking in every shot!". She is also super thrilled about how the V7+ is equipped with the AK4376A Hi-Fidelity audio chip, so she listens to all the lovely music she needs to hear, and inspire her to make her own music too.

For MarnIgo fans, don't worry because Maris will be part of the mall show series together with Inigo Pascual so they could promote more of Vivo V7+ in your cities. Hopefully you could catch one near you as it will only last until the end of this last quarter of 2017. Make sure you visit their website and their social media channels to know more. Like their Facebook page, follow their Instagram accounts @vivophil and Twitter too @vivo_phil today!

She's gorgeous, bubbly and very kind too when I got the chance to talk to her a couple of months ago, and she's bound for stardom! Congratulations Maris!


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