Ashley Rivera's Better Entertainment Experience with Vivo V7+

Friday, October 27, 2017

When she plays music, they all come. Ashley Rivera loves this game. She's been around the world and donnes her social media accounts, but she's always in the best clubs and music festivals. She isn't just playing pretty, she's walking the talk. This is why Vivo Philippines believe in her, she made her part of Vivo Philippines' endorsers.

She also mans her blog and on her recent social media posts, she wanted you to see how she's taking advantage of the Vivo V7+. She's also enjoying the V7+’s AK4376A Hi-Fidelity audio chip which makes the experience of listening to music be brought to a whole different level. The V7+ also has a 5.99” display so she watches videos and movies non stop when it's her off day. With the 84.4% screen to body ratio it won't be an ordinary game and visual experience if you are fond of it. She hopes it would entertain her hundred thousand followers on Instagram. Because as she tried the Vivo V7+, the 24MP clearer selfie just stands out. It's why she's got crisp and natural looking photos these days.

Ashley will also be joining the rest of the Vivo endorsers in mall tours around the country. This would last until the last quarter so make sure you follow their social media channels and visit their website to know more. It's at and their Facebook page You can also follow them on Instagram @vivophil and @vivo_phil on Twitter.

She says so.


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