TV5 and ESPN Launches ESPN 5

Thursday, October 12, 2017

It looks like they see a future in covering sports so aside from their current assets, they are turning on their guns on free tv channel TV5. They signed a long term agreement with ESPN making their current brand SPORTS 5 into a new one called ESPN 5. This will serve as the go to place for all Filipino sports fans so you'll see these changes happen on TV5.

TV5 President Coach Chot Reyes said "What's going to happen is that the whole morning on TV5 will be dedicated to international sports. You'll see more college basketball, American football, Volleyball and even the other sports being shown on ESPN. Aside from that, you'll see news in the afternoon, we are also putting PSL at primetime where they should be, it's going to be in the forefront of all our programming. We also are preparing to do a local version of the iconic SPORTSCENTER and we are in the process of screening the hosts. It will probably coincide with the next PBA conference around December 16, which hopefully will be the addicting factor of sports lovers everyday on TV5."

Both of these changes will affect TV5 programming and Aksyon 41. Aside from international sports, you will see the some content including ESports which TV5 is a pioneer of. These are exciting times, and the Filipinos deserve the world's best in sports content and programming. For those who miss the XGAMES, NBA and other sports, this is welcome news!

I'm definitely going to enjoy American Football! Go Falcons! 

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