JBL Launches New Flip 4, Pulse 3 and Boombox

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

JBL isn't going to just stand around and let the others take the lead, a place they are mighty familiar with as the premier audio brand releases the brand new JBL Flip 4, JBL Pulse 3 and JBL Boom Box. 

JBL is the best, it appeals to the young crowd and even the country head recognizes even the older crowd now brings them to trips around the country. They continue to innovate and maintains trendy, designed well, and undoubtedly gets a LOT of people experience their products first before they release it to the market. It's why they are number one for the longest time. Their phenomenal sales say so, the 2017 accounts about 32% online and even have various activities and events around the country. It has increased dramatically and now they are beginning to roll out new models to heed the call of their consumers. You will gind JBL now almost everywhere, they promise!

The Flip 4 is now IPX7 standard, so you can now submerge this speaker if you want to. It's got lots of color options too and it sounds awesome. It also has a JBL connect button which currently holds a Guiness World Record to connect hundreds of devices and play music at the same time.

The Pulse 3 has 12 hours of playback time, IPX7 waterproof, and has that awesome light display and can be customized wirelessly. Through an app, you can also use your phone's camera and change the display on the device. It will also go with the music, it's a party on steroids because of the light show!

The JBL Boombox has 24 hours playback time. It floats on water. Dual charge slots on USB, it is waterproof. It has an indoor and outdoor mode which means you'll hear better quality audio everywhere you go with it.

JBL also has the new JBL Bar Series, they made it for customers who only want plug and play. Excellent for your very own HOME THEATER setup. 

Harman sees the wireless market is growing, they are also doing active noise cancelling technology so there is a third of the market who will love this. They will also cater to more optimized headphones that would be sport specific. They want great products, better consumer experience and deliver relevant technologies that would make lives epic. 

They are also going to bringing 6 people to watch Stephen Curry in action versus the Spurs if you purchase products 5,000 pesos and up in participating vendors. Purchases from October 27 to January 7, 2018 will earn tickets through that promo. Watch their Facebook page for more details about that! They will also have the UAAP JBL 3 PT shootout on October 21, plus their very own JBL Truck to bring their products closer to you! 

I can't wait to have that JBL Boombox!

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