TIMEX Releases Fall/Winter Collection

Monday, October 23, 2017

It's a Monday but we're raring to see the latest masterpieces from TIMEX at the Mall of Asia. 

The brand's executive came up pn stage and said "Thanks to SM and the SM Store for partnering with TIMEX. We have been in the business since 1854, we have been worn by countless icons, and today we are pleased to launch our new collection for 2017. From casual, dressy, sleek or sturdy, we are the perfect gift to give someone this holiday season. We are releasing this collection solely for The SM Store."

It was a treat to see them all unveiled on the mall's atrium!

On the Fall Collection, it includes the TIMEX Metropolitan Collection, Allied Chrono, Expedition Ranger, Waterbury Collection, and the special edition TIMEX Easy Rider. Mind you this Easy Rider is actually their 40th Anniversary Special Edition.

I personally like The Waterbury line in this Fall/Winter Collection. It's metallic, sleek, not too dressy so you could keep it if you've got a dressed up function or just a rough day in the park. The latest master pieces will be sold in some branches but will be complete at SM Store branches nationwide.

Thank you so much TIMEX for having us! Your guests were all completely gorgeous! The watches too, I am eyeing to get that Waterbury soon!

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CIGNAL Launches "TABI PO" The Series on Sari-Sari Network

Friday, October 20, 2017

Content is king so CIGNAL and VIva's Sari-Sari Channel is gambling on new shows this last quarter as they unleash a new series called "TABI PO". With digital content on the forefront this all seems to be the right time to get new concepts on TV and digital, and what's more interesting than popular Philippine folklore?

The words "TABI PO" stemmed from the things superstitious Filipinos say so as not to disturb spirits, dwarves, entities if you are entering their territory. It started from an award winning online comics series by Mervin Malonzo. During the event he says "I feel I am accomplishing something great when this concept was pitched to me by Viva and Cignal. My new interpretation of Philippine folklore is driven by my imagination, with what I wanted to see when it becomes a full blown tv series. I hope you like what you see on Sari-Sari channel. It's a story of Elias, in a period drama series that set in not so ordinary locations."

Aj Mulach adds "This show will showcase outstanding special effects, which you'll see and feel because they did the work in post production. The fighting scenes here have been really designed to showcase martial arts, fit to make an unbelievable show, you've never seen anything like this on Philippine TV." 

Phoebe Walker quips "One of the things I like about this show is the dedication of the people we work with. What we're doing here is non traditional, we know how much work is put in on the scenes and had to be patient at times because the output feels like it's all worth it!"

The Director came up on stage and introduced the show to us and said "Thanks to everyone who came here especially to all the artists who appeared in the show. You've all worked hard to do this even in the wee hours of the morning. This is so difficult to make but it's a dream to actually do. To our production staff, I am thankful to have you do this bloody show and make it into a reality. This looks so much like a movie and I hope it gets appreciated by the viewing public. Without the producers this wouldn't materialize, being brave to do this, I am so proud to see how far we have come. You'll see all blow up on screen on Episode 1."

This show will premier on October 27, 2017 and will air every Friday thereafter at 8PM on the Sari-Sari Channel, thanks to CIGNAL TV. If you want to know more about the show, please go to Facebook.com/SariSariChannelPH.

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Indie Film "4 DAYS" Now Shown In Greenbelt and Trinoma Cinemas

I had the chance to watch 4 Days last week through a private screening arranged by the film's Director Adolf Alix Jr. and the cast of this movie. Yes, it's being shown right now on theaters through a commercial run at Greenbelt 1 and Trinoma this week, perhaps even an extended run if it actually does good in the box office. The trailer alone had people raving about it, enough to get it viral and gain countless views. For starters, I'd laud it for it's truthful depiction of an LGBT relationship in a setting that is very relateable to this generation. 

The premise started innocent, some supposed young straight men going through colorful strides in their college life. Struggling in keeping relationships, or playing along to score, misogynistic at times, then completely become a one sided battle when one gets distraught by the rules of falling in love. Then Derek gets depression (Seb Castro's character), no, melancholy in fact. This spurred Mark's eagerness to care for a friend (played by Mikoy Morales), to see his imperfections and struggles as opportunities to connect, reverse with a little comedy until he refuses to let him off that easy. Then they found themselves looking at each other, eye to eye, with an uncanny thirst for uncontrolled lust, passion... even love. This is all happening while they're supposed to be straight one day, then question themselves the next. Yet at the back of their minds, it was unmistakeable... they liked it.

In dire situations, I had a hard time believing how they were cool about it the day after but the bond they may have made years before that might have gotten their feelings for each other in a very complacent position. Now they're closeted, never felt to even ask this position to be wrong, or right. I wouldn't want to spoil things for you, but in a nutshell you should put an end to this feeling of wanting to watch this film. This definitely deserves your attention, and you'll never look at showers or ketchup the same way again. Seb Castro and Mikoy Morales took two interesting characters to heart and made it believable, intense at times... but fairly romantic. 

We had a short chat with Seb Castro during the intimate press preview of their film. Director Adolf Alix was there too during that afternoon and showed us his short film called KINABUKASAN which stars Alden Richards and Nora Aunor, a bonus if you watch the movie on theaters.

I fervently hope you get to watch it this week as they go on a commercial run in Greenbelt 1 and Trinoma Cinemas, they hopefully would get extend and have it shown for an even wider audience. Something I'd love to see.

Wish you all the luck buddy!

William Thio Talks About SPOTLIGHT

Thursday, October 19, 2017

I remember William Thio being that soft spoken heathrob back in the 90's and didn't hear quite much about him since then. He's been doing the legwork and has hosted talk shows and done field work as a news reporter (with other networks), anchored for UNTV's news properties, and still maintained that boyish looks he had back then. He's been raring to do this for the long time and it was a good opportunity to get to host this new one called SPOTLIGHT. 

William says "This would be a weekly show, shown every Saturday to bring a more personal interview. I'm excited for you to see the first guest, it's Ms. Nora Aunor. We want to talk about their legacy, their lives, this is a relaunch but previously this was hosted by our boss Daniel Razon. It's not entirely going to be entertainment personalities, but rather achievers in their respected industries. I think I found my niche, I am honored to do what I want to do which is news and public service. For the good of mankind. I consider myself as a journalist. I gather from sources and verify before I report it. I consider Daniel Razon as someone who inspires me, he always had the right things to say and I admire him because he always makes it a point to help first before reporting it. Lives do matter, and that's what we do in the UNTV. The station has trained me, developed me, they have set my priorities and having all that translated me in continuing what I love to do."

He adds "I've been engaged a couple of times back when I was younger, I am right now in a good place and I've had so much work, including a construction company that designs and restores which takes up most of my day. I would need someone to understand that, to understand me and what I do in a regular basis. I wake up and do things my way, I'm not in a hurry or looking but if God provides then I'd be glad."

SPOTLIGHT will be featuring individuals and celebrities that have weathered through life so they get to talk about it now, how they made it, and provide a sneak peek into their lives and squeeze it into a thirty minute show. His interviewees would be a hodge podge of the prominent, powerful and iconic people in the Philippines to see how they've been successful, perhaps a little too in their private lives, to show a more human side in their show. The show would like to also have people learn from their success and failures, to be more informative and entertaining. The show starts on October 28, Saturday and the corresponding weekends thereafter from 4:30PM to 5PM.

Don't miss it!

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JBL Launches New Flip 4, Pulse 3 and Boombox

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

JBL isn't going to just stand around and let the others take the lead, a place they are mighty familiar with as the premier audio brand releases the brand new JBL Flip 4, JBL Pulse 3 and JBL Boom Box. 

JBL is the best, it appeals to the young crowd and even the country head recognizes even the older crowd now brings them to trips around the country. They continue to innovate and maintains trendy, designed well, and undoubtedly gets a LOT of people experience their products first before they release it to the market. It's why they are number one for the longest time. Their phenomenal sales say so, the 2017 accounts about 32% online and even have various activities and events around the country. It has increased dramatically and now they are beginning to roll out new models to heed the call of their consumers. You will gind JBL now almost everywhere, they promise!

The Flip 4 is now IPX7 standard, so you can now submerge this speaker if you want to. It's got lots of color options too and it sounds awesome. It also has a JBL connect button which currently holds a Guiness World Record to connect hundreds of devices and play music at the same time.

The Pulse 3 has 12 hours of playback time, IPX7 waterproof, and has that awesome light display and can be customized wirelessly. Through an app, you can also use your phone's camera and change the display on the device. It will also go with the music, it's a party on steroids because of the light show!

The JBL Boombox has 24 hours playback time. It floats on water. Dual charge slots on USB, it is waterproof. It has an indoor and outdoor mode which means you'll hear better quality audio everywhere you go with it.

JBL also has the new JBL Bar Series, they made it for customers who only want plug and play. Excellent for your very own HOME THEATER setup. 

Harman sees the wireless market is growing, they are also doing active noise cancelling technology so there is a third of the market who will love this. They will also cater to more optimized headphones that would be sport specific. They want great products, better consumer experience and deliver relevant technologies that would make lives epic. 

They are also going to bringing 6 people to watch Stephen Curry in action versus the Spurs if you purchase products 5,000 pesos and up in participating vendors. Purchases from October 27 to January 7, 2018 will earn tickets through that promo. Watch their Facebook page for more details about that! They will also have the UAAP JBL 3 PT shootout on October 21, plus their very own JBL Truck to bring their products closer to you! 

I can't wait to have that JBL Boombox!

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Laura Lehmann and Winwyn Marquez Heads Off To Fight for Global Crowns

It's a great day today and we're blessed to start it with something good, our best bets for Miss World 2017 Laura Lehmann and Winwyn Marquez had a sendoff party with the press this afternoon. For those who don't know Miss World Philippines Laura Lehmann will be flying to Guangzhou, China this October 20 for the Miss World 2017 activities and the crowning on November 18 at the Sanya City Arena. 

She's a Smart Ambassador (Laura) that's why I see her sometimes in Smart events, but she worked so hard for that body as you may see. Miss World will be a little tougher for the queens this year because there will be excercises that involves track and stuff. She will also be joining the Dances of the World part and will be performing CariƱosa which roots came from Spanish Filipino influences. She will need our help too because we would need to vote via the MOBSTAR APP where we need to download and vote by searching her name and swiping right. Laura Lehmann had a chance to also show her advocacy video where she's pushing to create a Milk Bank for a public hospital to care for premature babies, ones with special needs as this will also be part of their pageant to show their advocacies.

Wynwyn Marquez will be leaving October 19 for New York, Panama City then Sta. Cruz Bolivia. She will be representing the country for the Miss Reina Hispanoamericana pageant. She will also be doing a couple of shows and showcase her talent during her stay there. She's the first Filipina to actually join this pageant and she will win, we all hope!

This will be a really great opportunity to show the beauty of the Filipina, the Philippines and our beauty with a purpose. Can't wait to see them wear the crown!

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SUN Outs Vic, Maja and Matteo as they usher in LTE

I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw how SUN just revealed their endorsers just a few days ago. They've been rarely quiet these past few months and lo and behold, it looks like they're back, stronger than ever! They've probably been working so hard changing hardware so they could switch their entire network from 3G to LTE and that would just spell remarkable improvement in data speeds for all those loyal SUN Subscribers and non subscribers. 

You now have the chance to experience this BETTER connection without breaking the bank. It only costs Php 35 for a brand new SUN LTE SIM and here's how you'll get an even brighter day!

I'm glad to see how SUN would be able to service 24/7 while keeping the costs low, a very practical offering from SUN. For those who are currently subscribed with SUN, you may get your SIM Cards swapped for FREE so simply go to SUN Shops nationwide and get it replaced with nano or micro sims. It's fgoing to be easy to join an even BIGGER network now that SUN has LTE facilities.

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Bea Binene Stars In Advocacy Indie Film FADING PARADISE

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

I've been witness to how Kapuso actress Bea Binene has been able to achieve a lot of success in recent years and true enough, she's had countless shows and endorsements but felt it's high time to feed her other passion... the environment. Through a self conceptualized and produced indie film that talks about mother nature, she says this advocacy needs to be shown so people would get to know about it, decide how to take action and inspire the youth.  This is called FADING PARADISE. The cast includes Krystal Reyes, Coleen Perez, Kenneth Paul Cruz, Mark Castillo, Angelo Serna and Ms. Alma Moreno.

Bea says "The cast includes almost all my friends. We had screen tests and they all were included. This was the time when Tsuperhero was being done so we had Ms. Alma Moreno included. It was Mom who did the production and we wanted a certain topic that people could relate to. This was intended to be shown in schools, and if you see this film it will have an open ended scene in the last few frames because we want to incorporate a short forum right after the film showing of this indie advocacy film. We will have a screening at the 20th, 24th and 26th because this will be included in QCinema's featured films. In the film, it showcases what happens if occurs in Manila or in the provinces. It all just fell into place because in Bicol we didn't have set design, all the trash came from other places and settled there when we shot it in a beach. Proceeds of this film will go to GMA Kapuso Foundation (to help in cancer stricken kids) and some of our amputee soldiers."

She adds "When I did the Haribon Foundation tree planting activities, I realized how important it is and how mother nature is getting affected including our own beaches, our tourist destinations. Even the resorts where we went to later on closed because of it's effects. We wanted a location where everything was already there so when we thought of this, Bicol had a community ready and it was a struggle to do this in only a few days. We wanted to do this before November 1 when everyone was going to their own provinces because it's a holiday."

"We somehow didn't want this to have Artist Center artists and I blatantly used my friendship cards instead because if I do they needed to go through a lot of approvals. I started to help when I was still a kid and this is my way of giving back. The way they thanked me, those cancer patients just make this cause worthwhile. My mom is the one who's doing all of these, I help when I can. My character is actually so near my personality so we named her the same, I want people to go with her, make this as an eye opener that they need to do something. This will premier at QCinema and we have a few cities we have partnered with, so if there are people who would want to show this in their turf, just please coordinate with my Mom and my handler. I really want to thank Artist Center for helping us about promoting this film."

Here's a snippet of her interview this afternoon:

Fading Paradise will be part of QCinema this October. So if you want to watch it, they'll be at Gateway Cinema 7 on October 20, that's Friday next week at 3PM. They also have a screening at Robinsons Galleria Cinema 7 on October 24, that's on Tuesday at 3:30PM and at the QC Museum Mini Theater on October 26 at 3PM. For those who also want to partner with them for screenings, you may coordinate with her Mom or Manager so you could work things out for shows. Artist Center and Bea Binene would also like to thank ETUDE House and Unisilver Time for the stuff they sent for this blog conference.

Don't miss it!


Tim Horton's Starts Warm Wishes Today!

It looks like Tim Horton's is starting to understand that Christmas season in the Philippines starts when the BER months come in. Just today, they just launched three new Coffee drinks to usher in their Warm Wishes campaign. Aside from that they also had us try a new donut holiday flavor which you will see in a bit.

They'll be sprucing up the stores as well because they want you to feel right at HOME. Those red and white Christmas decors would fit in here nicely and I'm sure you're gonna have that fuzzy feeling while having their cup of joes.

The three new flavors are Merry Berry Choco Chill (my personal favorite), Merry Berry Hot Chocolate (which is equally good), Rudolph Red Velvet Latte (if you want a stronger brew) plus their regulars which they serve all year!

You won't be leaving the store hungry either because for lunch they've got humongous BAGELS which I find so good and filling too. 

Plus don't leave without having their Christmas Log Donut. I already felt full after eating one for my cheat day. It was a bit sweet, had tangy strawberry streaks and a tougher donut dough than usual. One piece would be enough for one person, but really who's stopping you!

They have this in Uptown Mall in BGC but there's some other branch in SM North I think so you should find them there too! :) 

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Say Hi to Oishi Hi Coffee!

Spent an afternoon lounging at home and got comfy in front of the computer to work on some photos that I got from covering events this week. Aside from that, I've had two birthday celebrations, some celebrity shoots that I need to finish before the weekend starts. Lo and behold, our doorbell rang and there's an awesome care package waiting for me outside the door. Mailman was bearing gifts from OISHI and saying HI. I asked myself a couple of times about what this is, because all it says is HI.

It looks like clues were also given to me. The Fast CAFE LATTE In A Box is like an alarm clock, it will keep you awake from sleeping. Oh yes, these are new coffee drinks from OISHI, a brand we all love!

The Fast Coffee CAPUCCINO In A Box is a little stronger, keeps you cool in a warm tropical weather like in the Philippines. These tetra brick packs really came in handy because you can easily put it in the fridge or ice box and it'll be cold in no time!

For those who want it a tad sweet, don't fret because there's Fast Coffee CARAMEL In A Box. You get that caramel flavor in every sip so you know you're not shortchanged. Pretty good even if it doesn't have added preservatives or artificial colors.

For those who are addicted to chocolate, the last one is Fast COFFEE + CHOCO In A Box.You get the perk of having coffee itself plus the sweet and chocolatey drink we love during parties. Just open it up, connect your speakers to your phone and play the music so loud that you won't even hear your friends chat. Enjoy it as it is anytime of the day, even if you're already doing deadlines for work. Stop making excuses, get enough amount of caffeine so you won't be sleeping all the time in the office or your boss would get mad.  Be a good boy.

OISHI HI COFFEE is available now in mostly all groceries, huge stores and even some small ones. Do yourself a favor and get one so you won't be sleeping to take photos in your own turf.

I am still drinking it!