The Executive Lounge Restaurant at The Malayan Plaza

Monday, October 15, 2018

Luxury Private Dining is much of an experience that everyone should get. I’ve been in quite a few but this one which happened a few nights ago was pretty special. It was amongst food blogging industry friends set at the Malayan Plaza Hotel’s 33rd Floor. The setting reminded me of an upscale atelier but without a designer this time. It was us, the Executives of the hotel, the Chef who was cooking a storm in the kitchen and a couple of servers who made sure we were comfortable while we dined.

The place is apt for private dining. The table was set for a little over 10 people, daisy art on the napkins, table runner ran from end to end with gold accents and trims, plus faux candle light here and there. It was pretty stiff and quiet on my side whilst it was a little crazy on the other, but we didn’t mind.

We all knew this 10 course dinner was going to be epic. 

The canapes arrived while we were stationed in the holding area, one had chopped eggs and mayo dressing, the other was more on the savory side with mushrooms. It was nice.

The appetizers comprised of the Quesillo Con Tomate, Chorizo Pamplona and Manchego, Adobar con Carne and Tuna Tartare - all served in one plate. Saying it’s a mouthful is an understatement. The Quesong Puti was the perfect pair for the fresh tomatoes, herbs and garlic. The chorizo felt quite good with the salty manchego and the ligjt drizzle of white truffle oil, it is so addicting to tell you honestly because me and truffle are like brothers, we are very good together LOL. The Adobar con Carne though wasn’t as soft as I wanted it to be, perhaps a little over done or might not have rested, but the flavor profile is there, it was a bit heavy that I’d consider it part of the main course. The Tuna Tartare was good though, very light and you could really feel a little kick (tad smoky) prolly because of the paprika, chili and wasabi they put on it.

This is the Almejas Mejillones con Escabeche. It's clams and mussels with croutons and a broth made of stock and wine, plus a few herbs. It is very light, but a perfect way to start the meal.

The Basil and Honey Mule was not too strong, just right to accompany the slew of strong flavors they introduced us with. They pair drinks with your dinner components so expect to be a little fun that usual if you get hit.

Some good things off the menu include this Talakitok con Misono which is Jackfish and Tuna sashimi with misono jus, their own fresh salsa and beet paste. I adore white fish with wine, this is more on the savory side. 

Their version of Callos was topped with mashed potatoes, my blogger friends and I was trying to find bits or maybe slices of chorizo but the chef did a spin on it and only included the flavor. It had tripe but almost none of the stench, so this is okay.

Love on a plate, this is their best dish that evening called Shitake Wagyu Bar. It's Wagyu beef grilled to medium doneness, infused with Shitake mushroom flavors, herbs and more. It was earthy and savory, felt deep because of the flavor profile they wanted to achieve means watching the cooking process like a hawk, the right temperature and all that drama. It was well worth the wait.

This is the Chef's Bourbon Plate. It's main ingredient was Dragon Fruit, chopped up with orange fruit, like, pear and bourbon cream. I guess they didn't flambe it anymore because the flavor profile they needed was already in the cream, it's a light dessert, not too sweet just as I like it.

For the sweet tooth, the Chef made this Arte De Remo. It's like an oaty revel bar made with cream cheese, oats and dessicated coconut. It was nutty and special which I guess came from crushed pistachios??? So if you love sugar, this would be the better choice. 

The Malayan Plaza has 4 function rooms available on the 32nd and 33rd floor of the building. It's a nice place to hold your banquets, cocktails, events and intimate dinners. If you would like to experience the same thing we had, go call +63 2 7060055 and ask for available slots on schedules. Things fill up immediately so if you're planning for that next birthday dinner, proposal, or just small family gatherings, give them a call okay?

Thank you Chef Aldrin, the GM Ernie Baclayon and thank you to everyone at the Malayan Plaza for re-introducing to us The Executive Lounge. I will be back for more to look for that Wagyu steak and the light desserts. 

Au revoir!

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Maja and Zanjoe Does To Love Some ”Buddy”

Sunday, October 14, 2018

Funny and so confident with their answers, we asked questions to Maja Salvador and Zanjoe Marudo, as they tell us a little more information when they made the upcoming movie TO LOVE SOMEBUDDY. It’s a story about two best friends going to that next step in falling in love, a plot that may have been said so many times but they say theirs is a different story.

Here’s part of their interview, sorry there is a nutjob who used his monopod in front.

Maja Salvador said “This would be nice to set an example for friends who would like to go that extra mile, to go the next step and love your best friend. It’s a nice feeling if it works; because it is uncommon to be with someone you are extra comfortable with them. In line with Blacksheep’s very millennial market, this would be something fresh because we haven’t really done anything or paired up, I was wishing for an MMK episode but this happened, when this was offered it was a little crazy because Zanjoe’s schedule is not fitting the bill, I guess it all worked out in the end and it was meant to happen. I could say it may be a best friend movie, but every best friend has a story. I hope we get that same vibe, the happy feeling. Every time we do things we are asked about the artists we work with, when I was asked about this film, I said yes, even if they were hesitating to ask me about it, I said it’s okay and I don’t mind even if they try to connect that past story.”

Zanjoe Marudo says “I am scared but excited because it is a new pairing. It’s easy to do it with Maja because she makes it easy, together with the creatives and Direk, they have crazy ideas and it’s chill on the set. I could call this MajesZ, the dancing duo! I am so happy for the previous projects, I am not thinking of any pressure since they have done quite well with the CarGel movie. Everyone waited for that and we too wanted to see it. Finally they did it and Blacksheep made that film, this would well be a good thing to follow that since they were able to do good in that film.”

Jason Paul Laxamana the director says “The situation is hilarious, this is a story that may have been told so many times on Philippine cinema but for those who have already seen it, it’s very funny.”

I haven’t watched this yet but judging from all the projects of Maja Salvador, this would be a nice team up on screen aside from seeing them merely bonding in events. This is their first try on screen, a good director and fun to see how it all ends. Zanjoe loves Maja’s teeth, while Maja loves Zanjoe’s feet, go see if it’s possible to fall in love with your best friend.

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A Trinity of Events

Three events in two days so I had to make this quick. First off is the book signing of vixen Arci Munoz, yes she has a book and she cooks! Would you believe? Aside from that, her book has a lot of connections with dealing with exes, of how to move on, and tons of advise about how not to pursue unhealthy relationships, in her healthy point of view.

Her recipes are actually simple, it can easily be followed by those who can't cook especially the easy fried numbers and combo desserts.

We also covered the announcement of the Top 20 short films who qualified for Lights Camera Magic and if you're interested, check out the entries on their main website, also their social media pages. We met Piolo Pascual, Nash Aguas, Ketchup Eusebio and others who served as jurors for the contest. They will announce the top 3 very soon so please wait for the details when that happens.

Here's a video of our coverage, please enjoy!

So, how was your day? :)

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MEGA Sardines Does Touching #MegaGandaAngBuhay Shorts

Saturday, October 13, 2018

Award winning Director and PR Maven Chris Cahilig just came out with a new short film called “Tipidity” for household brand Mega Sardines as they introduce #MegaGandaAngBuhay. They are probably going to do a few but I like this slice of life pov, it reminds us how we all take effort to have a hearty meal even in a very quaint simple setting. I bet most of you probably have a can of sardines in your pantry, it’s also probably one of the basics you often get at the grocery counter. Even at that price point, it gives you comfort, a trait that spanned generations and I also bet, you still do it now.

“Tipidity” talks about a husband and wife, newlyweds who go through hardships of life, their economic status, showcases the resilience of the Filipino family. Headlined by indie actors Karl Medina and Kia Del Rosario who in this film, albeit industrious in their careers - suddenly are met with financial griefs. It tried and tested their marriage in so many ways, but in the end, will they still be together? Will they weather through these problems? Or suffer the fate of tons of relationships, who fail unfortunately?

They knew they had to tighten their belt, they knew they had to make sacrifices, which a lot of people would be able to relate, more so now with the high inflation rates.

We don’t want to be political, so make sure you see this Tipidity installment on Mega Sardines Facebook page and assets, you’ll also love the next ones, so stay tuned!

There will be more stories soon!

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XFactor UK’s Maria Larocco in Manila

Thursday, October 11, 2018

Saw Maria Larocco this evening. Saw her sing live too! 

Paulo Raymundo the country manager for Blu Ant Entertainment says “I would like to thank MGML Global Talents Corporation for making this possible. Our channel is committed to bringing the best in entertainment and even the same day of its US airing. From ET, to more series, some of the biggest award shows, the Philippines has been noted as the best source of singers, Maria is one of them who have been able to penetrate the show halfway around the world.” 

Maria says “It has always been my dream to be a superstar and performing in front of the judges was just surreal. It was a life changing moment and I couldn’t believe I made the 4 judges do a standing ovation. I wouldn’t be able to do this without my family and my friends. I promise to have more in store for you this 2019 so please watch out for it.”

“My first TV appearance was the Voice Kids 2014 when I did the blind auditions, my coach was Lea Salonga that time. I auditioned online on their website and two years ago I also tried, on the third one I got lucky. Now that I got there, it was just a surreal day for me. I am thankful to have been able to go through rounds in London, even if it was unfortunate to not have been able to go to the US and sing live in Simon’s house in front of other celebrities, they saw me and got through again, he kept me. That I am still thankful for.”

The XFACTOR shows Sundays and Mondays at 7:55PM on Blue Ant Entertainment.

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The CLASHers Sign with GMA Artist Center

Met the finalists of The Clash 2018 this afternoon as they signed with GMA Artist Center. As you may know, the reality competition ended already with Golden Cañedo winning the competition. She hails from Cebu and is no stranger to the contest circuit as this provides for her needs and her family. GMA Executive Lily G. Rasonable was also there to welcome them during the affair.

It was a once in a lifetime opportunity and I really fought for it. For those singers who want to achieve their dreams, you really have to fight for it. Don’t let others judgement affect you. Thank you for the opportunity, for us 6, you made our dreams come true.” -Golden Cañedo 

“Joining clash was a platform to introduce ourselves are artists. Just like him, I wanted to work with Julie Anne SanJose.” - Jing Madaliday

“This is my first national competition and being in the top 16 was a way to let me be known by a lot of people. We now have Studio 7, they have done so much for us and we are thankful!” -Josh Adomado

“There is always a rainbow after the rain. We are thankful and grateful for the opportunity to be with Artist Center.” - Miriam Manalo

“The experience gave meaning to what we wanted to do, it’s why I chose The Climb as my final song, it is so me. I have been chasing this dream for a long time. Thank you so much GMA for this.” -Anthony Rosaldo

Here’s the rest of the things that happened during our interview!

Make sure you wait for them to appear in GMA shows and Studio 7 this month. This new generation of singers have interesting stories, I bet they will go far judging from how we saw these talented people belted out their songs that afternoon.

Be very very ready!

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The Flash Season 5 on HOOQ

Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Got HOOQ'd last Monday and was able to watch The Flash's newest season. Had to hold it in even if I was a bit excited to share with you guys what it was all about.

The new season meant new stories, still same fast person though in the persona of Barry Allen but I was quite surprised about one thing, a female flash in blue. If my hunch is correct, she's the daughter and with the same or even greater power, how would that shift things in his life now that he's a father?

The all new Season 5 of The Flash can be viewed on the HOOQ app as it premiers on October 10, make sure you get your subscription ready for the fastest show on TV land!

Download it now on Google Play and the App store, you wouldn't want to miss this show, or else you'll be left behind!

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10 Reasons Why You Should Watch Wild and Free

Tuesday, October 09, 2018

Saw the film this evening, I actually find it entertaining. A little too slow much like a diesel engine that takes a little time to heat up and work but so far it’s a good watch.

1. It’s subtle, not hardcore at all. It has romance involved.

2. The security guard is funny, she injects humor quite nicely at the workplace.

3. It’s not so serious. A bit romcom in fact.

4. You’ll love Ducatis, you’ll love bulalo and the waves.

5. You’ll become cheesy when you see waves.

6. You’ll love the twists, it’s about love and family relationships.

7: There is soft something, not too hardcore if you know what I mean.

8. You’ll love doing the laundry.

9. It may be a bit... scary. You'll have lots of questions, but you will ask WHY.

10. This is about, more or less, feeding the characters ego. The best friends also steal the shine sometimes you’ll see them cringe, the main actors are also crazy. 

Direk Connie Macatuno says “Good evening and thank you for gracing our premiere night, I hope I get to awaken your senses with this film. Thank you for being here.”

Sanya says “Thank you everyone, I am so nervous and excited, I hope you would love this. This is also the first time I am watching this complete.”

Derrick says “I hope you would love this film as we really took hard time making this movie.”

This is graded B and has got R13 rating from MTRCB. This is also produced by Regal Films. 

While on the red carpet, we saw GMA stars, their friends, some Regal personalities, Adi Raj, Kelvin Miranda, Jeric Gonzales, David Licauco, Ricci Rivero, Barbie Forteza and Jak Roberto, VJ Mendoza, Ashley Ortega and Juancho Trivino, Regal babies Migs Paraiso, JM Martinez, Johnvic De Guzman and more.

Watch them on theaters tomorrow!


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LIWAY Shows October 10 Nationwide

I have been able to watch the movie LIWAY during Cinemalaya 2018 a couple weeks ago at the CCP Main theater on an almost SRO audience at that. It’s the highest grossing film this year in the festival and I know why. It was a bit controversial since it is tackling happenings during Martial Law. Marcos’ regime wasn’t all that jazz, so in a way this could tell a new generation of Filipinos, especially the youth to at least get to know how it happened during those times as told by the victims themselves, inside a facility that would make you think about the repercussions of letting go of freedom, dictatorship and its tough consequences. 

They have already done a preview on the last day of Cinemalaya (because they are the highest grosser) but for those who didn’t get to watch it on those dates it will be now shown on theaters nationwide starting October 10. You’ll see Glaiza De Castro raw as she does Kumander Liway’s character as she defines strength, courage even as a mother in a very difficult era. She also is raising her child Dakip who told this story. 

We have a lot of choices in the films come October 10, but this is the story of a real life individual. It’s a love letter of a kid to her mom and how innocent he was when he got out of prison. I had the same feeling when I got out of the comforts of my home much like my parents did, I still carried that principle, the kid is after all our very own director. If I had one thing that I am not comfortable with is the treatment that the woman gets, Contessa in a way is different because I always go to mansions to shoot whilst in this film we had to do it in a Boys Town. For me I felt okay and I respect the jurors and they saw how I did it in my performance of Liway. I got the recognition in a different form and that I am very extremely thankful for. It’s like I won an award because the people were chanting after they watched the film and it’s the first time I’ve seen that happen, it’s surreal and I hope it happens on screen. It is a story about hope, about love. Very cliche as others might thing but it is very true.”

Dominic Roco adds “It’s because of this film that I knew it actually touched someone’s life, that’s important. There are tons of reactions but I pay attention to our families, to people close to us who say it’s real.”

Make sure you watch LIWAY on cinemas tomorrow (October 10) and tickets will be discounted because they want a lot of people to watch this. 

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Save Tons at the Smart Travel Fair this Weekend

Monday, October 08, 2018

Hey travel junkies! I come bearing good news!

The Smart Travel Fair will happen on October 12-14 at the World Trade Center. They are going to be open from 11AM til 9PM.

Ms. Kat and Alice heads of International Business for PLDT and Smart says “We realize that Travel is one of the passions of Filipinos. It is exciting, you meet people and experience new things. Our products will be launched in the weekend, we have partner resorts, so hold off the buying of tickets til then. That’s why we are participating in the travel fair this weekend so we can help connect you with your loved ones. If you want to get the most of your travel, you have to plan ahead. You don’t want to worry about what to do when you get there, especially roaming. Smart is introducing a way to make it easy for everyone, there is a way to control your data and get plans that fit you like this Giga plan that costs 999 for 5 days. You can also now PRE BOOK your roaming packages and experience it for yourselves. If you have a Smart sim, you will get 50% off your roaming prices if you book in the Smart Travel Fair.”

Sounds good? Yes definitely, it means you get the best deals in all major airlines and around a hundred travel agencies, hotels, tour operators and more that are operating in Metro Manila.

Smart Travel Fair!

Visit Smart’s social channels and website to know more about it. The packages are all there! They cover a lot of countries too, so don’t worry, they got you taken cared of. Happy?

I know I am.

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Let’s Talk About Dreams and Your Valuable Time

Do you every dream owning your own home?

I do, but in this day and age, it’s just so difficult to fund your dreams, and sometimes you just feel it’s impossible. I have never lost hope because I don’t really have much dreams for myself, but more of for my loved ones who I feel deserve the best life can offer.

Being a blogger at this day and age isn’t easy. One whole day could mean I’d have to cover 4 events that take around 3-4 hours to do, to be in different locations in Metro Manila, then add to that the commute I’d have to endure from Quezon City, to Makati, to BGC and back - almost everyday just to keep you guys updated about the latest happenings in the metro. Who wouldn’t be insane with that kind of schedule then meet deadlines, people who ask favors plus providing for your own home. You would have learned that it would’ve been better if you lived nearby these cities than be pained to use public transport that is just as inefficient as ours in the country, many would’ve just given up just with the hours. Imagine how many hours I’ve wasted in traffic, just like any Filipino for that matter.

Nowadays, getting a loan in banks takes so long - and with the long hours I spend going to events and publishing them online, how in the world could I even breathe and consider making that huge step of getting a home loan for my family? Can you imagine what that would do in other usual banks? With the amount of time you sometimes need to get decisions, you’ll also lose the ability to secure that dream home, condominium or spot you’ve always wanted. I wouldn’t have known that there’s a better way to do it, saw online that PS Bank could actually approve loans in just 1 day!

Knowing that, I’d have to ask you now, what can you do in one day? I could write about 4 stories, drink 2 large cups of coffee, attend one event perhaps... PS Bank on the other hand could decide not just a loan, but your whole future. They are in the industry that helps, imagine how many families they would be able to get their own homes just because they’ve decided on it fast - how many properties can they choose with their realtors if that happened? Your guess is as good as mine. If it’s more efficient, you’re given a far better alternative than those banks that take ages to approve, I’d take their word for it.

They are a part of the well experienced Metrobank group, a solid banking corporation in this side of the globe. Try giving them a call or visit their website because it’s all there. My dream might become a reality because of it, give it a go!

No wasted time, that is priceless!

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