Bea Binene for Verifit: Admits Breakup with Jake Vargas

Thursday, February 26, 2015

We went to the launch of Verifit Slimming Capsule, a supplement that promises toned arms, slimmer waistline, firmer abs and butt. The capsule contains a great amount of L Carnitine, Green Tea Extract and Collagen. Some other products only contain one or two but with the collagen in this mix, you'll have even younger skin.

Their new endorser is Bea Binene. Admittedly she says she has to work on certain parts of her body and with the help of Verifit, it will be easy. The thing doesn't make her "do it" untimely which is what other capsules do. With the inclusion of collagen, her skin will become better, younger looking too. 

Aside from that, just like any diet you should also have time for workout. Verifit also has 500 mg of L Carnitine so you are not really shortchanged. You get your money's worth when you buy it off Mercury Drug. By the way, it's also got something in it that suppresses hunger. If you take something in, you'll only eat less of it so it's going to really help you lose weight.

Unfortunately, on this event, she finally admitted that her relationship with Jake Vargas ended a few months back. She also said something when she was asked when and uttered "Let's just say that I started the year only with my family".

It's a nice day to say things about Verifit but today, it's also a sad day for #JhaBea fans that are hoping still. I wish them well and as with the words of Bea, they're currently enjoying their time off. I hope they would be able to still patch things up some way, some other day. The 2 years and 10 months they've been together isn't a joke. It wasn't a mutual decision also because Bea told the media that "maraming nanggugulo at maraming nagpapagulo" (a lot of things that are complicated and people that are making it complicated). 

Let's leave it at that.


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