Mystery Box in BGC Revealed!

Saturday, February 14, 2015

A few days ago, we got word that a Mystery Box In BGC suddenly appeared in the lawn fronting Fully Booked. It was a conversation starter, a lot of people were wondering what it was, what it's for, and what was inside. Well, we waited for the opportune time to see what the people from Dentisté were up to and waited for the big reveal yesterday evening. 

Now, you've got until tomorrow to experience getting lost in the moment, feel like no one is around, just you and your loved one. Take your boyfirends, your girlfriends, your husbands, your wives, your kids, your family to this shadow box and make this a special way to show how much you love them, take tons of photos too!

Dentisté is an oral care brand that provides a line of products that would help eliminate that one thing everybody hates you to have when you wake up from an 8 hour sleep, MORNING BREATH! With 14 active all natural ingredients, natural sweetener xylitol and tons of other stuff that would take care of your gums, teeth and overall oral hygeine, this European brand is now available in the Philippines. So head on to BGC to experience this surprise from Dentisté (until the 15th!) and their toothpaste too which is available in leading stores, supermarkets and drug stores in Metro Manila. This will also be available soon nationwide!


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