Sky Cable Issues Statement On TV5 Complaint

Wednesday, February 04, 2015

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It was crazy last December and signals from Cable companies were also wonky, I don't know what caused it but Manila's TV5 complained to NTC about signal disruptions during that time. We've got official apologies from Sky Cable about the incident and they published this on their channels.

"SKY apologizes to customers that experienced a seven minute signal loss last December 13, 2014. We continue to work round-the-clock to minimize and immediately resolve service interruptions in the future.

We wish to expound that the signal loss was due to a power fluctuation that affected all our channels in Metro Manila, at 2:13pm of December 13, 2014. By 2:20pm, we were able to restart our equipment in order to restore the channels.

SKY wishes to clarify that any extended signal loss of TV5 was due to the fact that the set-top box that they provided to us defaulted to AksyonTV not TV5 once equipment were restarted. 

We will work with the NTC and TV5 to prevent similar occurrences in the future.” - SKYcable Corporation"

The lack of communication does make it hard for companies to do business streaming their channels to cable providers in the Philippines. I guess they apologized about the situation and will inform stakeholders about outages or service interruptions in the future. Now what will the NTC do after this? Will TV5 be able to accept the situation and move on since an apology seems to have issued? I know how it is to lose cable TV, it made me crazy the whole day since I paid for the service and I wasn't getting it... I wish there was some way to make things easier, but this is a start. 


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