Brother Launches Customer+ Loyalty Program

Monday, February 09, 2015

One of the world's premier printer, sewing machine and labeling solutions manufacturer "Brother" just recently launched their new Customer+ Loyalty Program. This is a one of a kind fully integrated customer service program that provides state of the art training programs for new and some 7,000+ exisiting Brother printers and multifunction center customers in the Philippines.

Brother's very own Managing Executive Officer Takagumi Kamenouchi flew in from Japan and said "The Brother Group is glad that Borther Philippines is reaching out to customers. As we further strengthen the brand, we fully recognize the need of our Filipino consumers to be given our brand's service excellence with this program."

"Our loyalty program does not entail you to continually purchase products, we recognize that owning one already made you trust us. Brother is always by your side. We adhere to our global charter, we give superior value and gain your loyalty and this is a business policy. Without the customer, our company would not exist and this is your return of investment. It's where we hear your voice and we're here to listen, study everything and improve our products. We are going to improve your Brother experience." says Glenn Hocson, the President of Brother Philippines.

"Other than the user training, we also have our helpdesk. We have a dedicated line for those who really engage with us by having this Customer+ program. We also send monthly emails to get feedback from our customer+ users and special events. We take it personally, we make sure your feedback would be used to improve products further. With Customer+, you are more than a customer to us." he adds. 

During the event, they showcased their latest multifunction printers that can scan, fax, copy and download images over wifi or air print if you have iPhone too.

I love the Brother Sewing Machines, portable scanners, labelers and the office printers too. Pretty good stuff for OC people like me.

These other printers are also good for SOHO (small offices/home offices). They've got some from 6K to 13K range, but have more where you need it most. Troy Montero, Patty Laurel, Jeron and Jeric Teng, Ginoboi Quillamor, Marc Pingris, Danica Sotto Pingris, Patricia Prieto, Ginger Conejero and LA Tenorio was also there to witness the event. There were booths as well that have the different products of Brother and the foundations they support as a global company.

You should try out Brother too. Go visit their Facebook page at and their official website for their products and services. 


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