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Sunday, February 08, 2015

We all have skin problems during puberty, or our lifetime. Some less, some more seen but overall, we get to that one point when you just don't want to see it anymore especially when you need to go out to study or work. You get to break that normalcy because if you've got acne, you'll be ridiculed, looked upon and worse, treated like a freak coming out of a laboratory. I've met Dr. Herbia Joy Gonzales-Mongcal a couple of months ago and she did an excellent job answering questions about how the simple problem of pimples can be resolved by regular, time tested procedures she has been doing in clinics for a throng of her clientele.

Skintrends was started years ago by Dr. Joy in the city of Sta. Rosa, Laguna. It was called HCG Face and Body Clinic then and was a haven for wanted skin services at an affordable and reasonable cost. With further studies, training, and technology by her put in on the clinic, Dr. Joy got more clients from the southern Metro Manila area. The clamor to have more clinics that would be also closer to other cities became stronger and so they expanded branches to accommodate those who need the same level of service and quality products that would solve the real undeniable problem of acne. Her efforts were evidently bearing fruit because after her old clients saw how successful their treatments were, they had the next generation to also try their clinic later on. The sons, daughters, friends and family all became accustomed to what Skintrends provided these past few years, They heavily relied on word of mouth and since they've opened up a couple of more clinics nearby, they wanted more people to benefit from what they have inside their clinics. 

When I saw the list of their services, I thought it was going to be a little expensive, but no. I didn't even see anything ridiculously priced at all. Then they go on and told us that we could individually treat our readers too.

If you print this out and show it to them in their clinics, you'll get 100 pesos off your services (one voucher per day/transaction only). I think I even saw a 200++ basic facial on the list, now with this, you can get that same procedure at half the cost! Isn't that crazy? I know. Anyway, if you're still having problems with pimples, acnes or just plain want to get something done on your skin, try out SkinTrends in their branches at Sta. Rosa Laguna, Eastwood City, SM Fairview, Ali Mall, Festival Supermall in Alabang, and Pacific Century Tower in Quezon City. She's got strict training done on all her people so you won't be sorry if you avail their services. Aside from that, she know what she's doing and even if I did my research about it, she accommodates questions from people as crazy as me. So think about it, would you not want to treat yourself today? Print the image above and enjoy your time there... it'll be worth it especially if you're still suffering from acne. :)  


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