Here's Something Sweet from Greenwich!

Saturday, February 14, 2015

You were having dinner earlier but forgot the dessert? Well, I think Greenwich has got you covered! Funny? Maybe. Why would you think a pizza chain be your first choice in getting a dessert? Easy, because they can. 

Greenwich Choco Banana Crisp

You probably have tried this out on cakes, or just the usual thing you put on bread, but you haven't tried it yet on pizza crust. It's time you take that giant leap!

Think of this.

Super thin, crunchy crust baked in the oven, topped with mashed premium bananas (cooked for natural caramelization), chocolate shavings, and a drizzle of your Italian Hazelnut Cream, Nutella. It's also designed to be given to someone else, your loved one, your family, everybody will surely enjoy it and all you gotta do now is call their hotline 55555. Order the Choco Banana Crisp and make that end of Valentines day even sweeter! Or maybe tomorrow if you've got lunch with the family, it's Sunday so you better be ready!

They also have online facilities so there's no excuse to get the newest dessert item on their menu! This is it! It's the new Greenwich Choco Banana Crisp!

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