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Saturday, February 14, 2015

It felt like home, a bit more festive when we got the chance to experience Guam last night at the Ascott Hotel during the Online Media Night. I havent't been there but I'm so much considering it as a destination of choice in the next few months. Guam is a US territory, you would need a Visa for it but I heard they've got relaxed terms for it now. It's an island paradise so you get the chance to enjoy the best of the tropics, but it's got rich culture, natural wonders, luxurious resorts, shopping, sports and spas. They've also got people at the PTAA Travel and Tour Expo in SMX Convention Center to showcase untapped wonders that Pinoys might not have seen yet! Guam is a destination and if you would like to see this island up close, please visit them now at the 22nd PTAA convention and find the best deals on how to go there!

They'll be in the PTAA fair this weekend so if you would like to check out things to do and special rates from travel agencies, they are only going to be exclusively offering them in this event. If I were you, I'd go through the lines just to see them perform. You've seen it on the video, you've got to see it live!

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