Sky Parks Help Cool Buildings

Saturday, February 14, 2015

I've seen tons of these in Japan and other first world countries. Roof gardens not only provide produce, they also get buildings a tad colder than usual. Shelters that strictly set up things like this not only adds oxygen from the plants and trees but contribute to less heat that starts the greenhouse effect. Aside from that, employees in buildings and guests would be able to enjoy the scenery, the ambiance of seeing something this good even in concrete jungles.

The good news is, the technology is pretty simple and we've also seen some of it in new buildings in the Philippines. You've probably seen the ones in SM Skygarden and how the public has gotten to see it's aesthetic and environmental impact. It's like an oasis in the middle of the city and mind you it has minimal power consumption and helps keep it cool in these areas. It's like a park and I've seen a couple of restaurants, bars, stores who adapt their seats to accommodate customers who would love to be in the gardens too. SM has them in North Edsa, even in SM Aura Premier, why don't you give them a visit today and enjoy these wonderful technological and ecological advances yourselves! After all, it's free!


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