LED's Benefit You and SM Malls

Friday, February 13, 2015

What light bulbs are you using at home? Are you using LED's already? Well if not, you should! Millions of people around the world use the same LED lights to save Millions of dollars in electricity bills because this is the technology that can obtain the same intensity light less the consumption. One of the leading malls in the country even have their own Solar panels and use that energy to efficient LED lights in order to have less carbon footprint and individually power their malls separate from the power produced by plants nationwide. It's a greener source, greener products and less harmful to the environment which is one of SM Care's priorities.

SM now uses it in carparks and other facilities so it would radiate less heat, help customers find a spot and make the environment better for all of us! 

Now you're going to have a safer community, environment and can even grow a million trees in places like Samar if you get Yellow Tag products in their malls too. You can help now by getting your bulbs change at home. It's nice to know private corporations are doing their share to make this world a better place to live in!


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