MOA Sweet Eats: Valentines Rock from Made In Candy

Sunday, February 08, 2015


What date is it now? Well, it's only a few days before the dreaded Valentines Day comes and you probably haven't thought about getting her a gift right? If that's the case, might I suggest you drop by Made In Candy at Mall of Asia or their other branches near you? When we visited their branch in Mall of Asia a few days ago, I was surprised to see their laboratory, well I think that was what they wanted us to think because inside their store, they make the candies on the spot!


The table had these whimsically colored test tubes and flasks that contain the individual flavors of candies that they can use and they actually use them, then combine with different ones to make that special candy that you wish you had when you were a kid.


I also saw some guys buying stuff for their girlfriends already, more so because Made In Candy made a whole special batch of candies that is dedicated to Valentines Day. If you want one that is customized, you can ask them to make you one for special occasions but it'll cost around 11K++. It's probably going to be worth it if it's just for weddings or debuts but if you wish it's something affordable, you can opt for their special "Valentines Rocks" and make your woman happy.

It's also available in these cute little jars that you can purchase for less or more than a hundred bucks. It's kinda cheap but it doesn't look like it. I'm tired of the usual box of chocolates so maybe if you're looking for something new to give to that special girl, this one just might work.


Or if you prefer, they have some of it in packets and if you're around the store, they would also have some few pieces out for tasting. Pair this up with a bouquet of flowers and she's going to be a happy camper. You know how that goes. You probably might get something in return too, who knows! But trust me on the candy.


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