Julia Barretto on her 18th Birthday: Just Julia

Thursday, March 05, 2015

These are the times when you feel you're blessed, that no matter where your fate takes you, you just need to become humble and say "Thank you!".

Debuts in the Philippines mark the coming of an age, where a teen grabs life from the end of its trail and declare she's now a lady. She went the long way from fixing her realtionships, to working hard and now, she's celebrating it with friends, family, the people she loves no matter what consangnuity.

Also, she said her goal this year is to keep the people in her life in good terms and she hopes her birthday could spark talks with her Titas, her Mom and Dad. She also divulges that her first dance would be Dennis Padilla and her last would be teen hearthrob Iñigo Pascual.

Just Julia will happen this March 10, 2015 and will be shown on public TV this March 28th in the evening. We hope Julia gets her personal wish and perhaps make the stars align for her. 

(Photo credits: Julia Barreto's Instagram account)

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