You're My Boss

Sunday, March 29, 2015

You saw how funny their trailers are when they came out a few weeks ago. They haven't been in a movie before this happened and the pairing I heard was somewhat, cute. This year's most awaited romantic comedy might not come from the teens, but with a combination of the Ultimate Multimedia Star and the country's Prince of Independent Films. This is "You're My Boss", another great project from Star Cinema. This is also Toni's 12th project from the same film outfit and she's so excited to be in it!

From the Director of "English Only Please" and "That Thing Called Tadhana",  this Antoinette Jadaone film will make you believe in love in unexpected ways. Toni will play the role of Georgina who was tasked to take care of corporate matters while the boss was away. The client went in and was a bit unhappy because he was expecting him to be there, as Toni's Assistant, Coco Martin had to pretend he was the boss so they wouldn't jeopardize the whole deal. The things in between, made them go through the hardships of putting up with a lie and perhaps blossom into something really romantic!

This film will be shown on April 4, 2015 and is expected to rake in big box office success because the two lead stars have already done it in different films in the past. 

We covered the OPM Fresh Fans Day in Fairview Terraces and the blogcon of You're My Boss too. The crowd was super fun and meeting the stars in the flesh was too much for them, they screamed their lungs out when Toni and Coco appeared!

Jacob Benedicto, Mario Mortel and other artists were there too to promote their album. They're probably going places aside from this one, so make sure you follow Star Cinema and Star Music's social media accounts for updates!

Coco and Toni were so cute especially during the interview. They kept on teasing each other, we almost believed they were a pair! Now if only Toni was single and not engaged, they would really look sweet, but I'm sure she's getting that sweetness too during quality time with Direk Paul. Anyway, make sure you watch them in theaters on April 4! It's a summer you won't forget!


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