Jose Cuervo Is Looking For Dons Of Tequila, Who's in?

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Who's in?

Becoming a Don of Tequila would be something momentous, oh yes, for a Filipino.

Hand crafted for 250 years, the alcohol blend that you and I love that came from the same town with the name Tequila is looking for the one and only Don who will represent the country. A man with gusto, a man that can party, be classy with much machismo, a man that will rival the best in the world. This is Jose Cuervo. 

Mixed or with shots, you'll love all the reasons why they had to find people in the "Don's of Tequila" search by logging in on Mentors will also be there to check if you have cahones to be the one and only Don from the Philippines. 

Some esteemed people will also teach you the tricks of the trade so you can make it to the top. You'll get to Mexico in the town of Tequila and make a whole line of it yourselves. You'll harvest it, put your name on it and be recognized by peers in the industry. You'll end up not just drinking and enjoying the tequila but be in it's whole process as well!

You'll be drinking lots of it.. and make memories of how your trip in this land that started it all... and probably forget it the next day.

It's not just a bar-tending competition, it's a lifestyle, it's not just technical skills, but you have to have that pizazz, that quality of spirit, bartenders that bring the personality of Cuervo to the front and show it to the world!

Make sure you visit as it starts tomorrow, and it's going to be BIG!

As for the others, just continue to drink more and recommend those favorite bartenders of yours to join. It's that simple.



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