Smart Amps Prepaid Offers with Free Internet

Sunday, March 08, 2015

Prepaid Promos Got Amped Up! (Photo Credits to Smart)

It looks like the goal of Smart when they launched their Free Internet thing a couple months back is really working. I even see my Mum using Facebook off wifi when it existed and enjoying all the perks of being in this network too. Mum's like one of the millions of Filipinos who owns smartphones but never even thought about using data because of the costs that comes with it. Having it free makes them feel the convenience of the technology and get them at least acquainted on how to use it efficiently too.

Mr. Charles Lim, EVP and Head of Wireless Consumer Business of Smart Communications says “With the successful run of our Smart Free Internet offer, many of our subscribers were able to experience real-life benefits of staying connected to mobile Internet – from getting in touch with their loved ones, accessing news and information, to enjoying the wealth of entertaining content available online. This new offer will enable us to further pursue our Internet for All campaign and encourage more people to stay connected, empowered, and enriched by Smart’s fast, fun and worry-free mobile Internet, which is at the core of our Internet for All campaign this year.

What's he talking about?

If you're a Smart Prepaid subscriber, you can now still stay connected through call, text and surf with All Text 20 Plus. Together with the plan, they now offer 45MB of surfing with it! That, along with unlimited text to all networks, 20 minutes of calls to Smart, Sun and TNT, all valid for one whole day. Unbelievable? Well you haven't seen nothing yet!

As Smart Prepaid Subscribers can now call, text and surf MORE with Unli Call and Text 25. The promo now has been enhanced to include 45MB of surfing. Now you cans til have unlimited calls to Smart and TNT, unlimited text to Smart, Sun and TNT, plus 50 texts to other networks, all of which are valid for one whole day. If you're enjoying the Unli Call & Text 50 promo, it now includes 140MB of surfing. This will also include the unlimited calls to Smart, TNT and Sun, unlimited text to all networks which is valid for three days (I personally use this one of course!). Aside from that, other promos will also get a boost of additional 30MB of data. Subscribers can get this by simply dialing *121# which is Smart’s easy access number for all their latest promos and services.

Now, it's not just my Mom or me who's getting the best that Smart has to offer. If you're a prepaid subscriber, check out the latest promos and subscribe today!


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