Greenwich Pizza's Ultimate Bandkada Search

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

I used to be in a band way back in college and I've had so much fun during that time. We didn't have that much of a venue unless we joined local contests back then. We did pop, rock, alternative, and different genres in fact but ended up disbanding because we had to go on with our lives after college. That and because of a girl I think haha TMI.

Anyway,  I heard Greenwich Pizza is holding a search for the Ultimate Bandkada. If you are a band playing pop, rock, hip-hop or EDM, then you are the one they are looking for to win a management contract with Viva Artist Agency and a cash prize of Php 100,000. Sounds good? Well, it is good. All you got to do now is head on over to and sign up your band so you can get the chance to be the Ultimate Bandkada! Make sure you follow the mechanics and qualifications to a T so you wouldn't get disqualified. People can vote for their favorite band too from the months of May to July so your voice can definitely be heard. If you like their performance, your friends can definitely be a factor so you can win the coveted prize! All of the participants will also have to undergo an in house boot camp with some of the Philippines most talented artists so they can hone you to be the best among the bands in this country!

Auditions will run from March 11-21 so you've got only a few days to win this. Make sure you check out Greenwich Pizza's social media channels and the website to see where they will hold these events so you and your friends can join the search, there's really a good chance you might be it!


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