The RISE Makati

Friday, March 20, 2015

We're in North Makati area today and looking around condominium units from famous Shangrila Properties. Their newest project called The Rise Makati located at the NoMa district boasts tons of artsy restaurants and establishments that say a lot about its selling point, Location, Location, Location. They also want you to paint your own canvass and create your own masterpiece in each room. The building will have 55 floors and habitable areas. They got us to look at some of the model units in their showroom, and it is quite impressive for this area. To give you an idea, it's along Yakal Street and almost right behind the Makati Fire Station, the Makati Post Office and the Makati Police Station.

It's got its own mall, a line of homey restaurants, a hangout area, a huge pool + a kiddie pool, a game room, an entertainment area, a circus themed kids room, function rooms, karaoke suites, a kilometer or more running areas all set in the North Area of Makati. I loved every bit of it.

The One Bedroom Unit

This is perfect for bachelors or young professionals who are just starting out living alone or starting to just invest in properties. The company also has programs of you want to lease it. This is pretty small but it's enough for someone like me who wants something classy and simple. Ahm, actually they chose the word Creative, the way they designed and built it. The amenities is over the top, the community is hip and cultured, it's near Team Manila's headquarters. 

The One Bedroom with a Balcony

This one almost fits like the other one and is around 27-29 square meters. The design is made by local and HK based people. The architecture is implemented by locals too. They have different projects in China, HK and elsewhere but the technology is much like the same. They use the best ones in the industry and can also recommend interior designers if needed. The biggest is around 43 square meters, and can cost around 3.2-3.9 Million, depending on the view and how large the area is plus taxes for Comissioner Kim Henares' enjoyment.

Two Bedroom Units with a Balcony

This costs around 9-10 Million but is so good I want one for myself. This can probably fit a family of 4 and I could say it's like 2 and a half rooms. The half could probably function as a home office or a study. If you have foreign guests, this would be something that could well be their second home. 

They also showed us around restaurants in the property and had super good lunch in Chesa Bianca, an authentic Swiss restaurant with b@d@ss fondue and Pork Cordon Bleu! 

I super love it! In fact it's the cheese that makes the difference. If we only had white wine, we could have stayed there for hours!

Then we headed on to my favorite dessert place called Bebe Rouge.

Their Earl Grey Tea and Strawberry Shortcake is to die for! You can quote me on that. Might I also warn you not to hit on the Japanese Chef because he's married, sorry ladies haha!

Then we went onto Suez and Zapote which is on the artsy part of the community. It's a place also by Team Manila but more on galleries and limited edition shirts! 

We even made our own shirts to take home and enjoy! I'll wear this proudly of course! :) 

Then for the last stop, we headed on to Speak Easy in Alphaland Makati Place.

They had a huge wall dedicated to my favorite drink! Aside from that, the gorgeous Russian lady named Allona prepared everything for us that afternoon personally. 

She whipped up Lychee Mojito for the ladies and Old Style thingy for me! It was awesome to cap off the evening with that! 

Thank you so much to the great people behind Shangrila Properties, The Rise Makati and all the establishments we went to today! I really had fun and hope the real soon to be tenants of The Rise Makati would see the value of being in the NOMA district. For more information about the property, please visit or like their official Facebook Page The Rise Makati

Love you guys!


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